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UKSGL Fuel Sampler/Thief, Sediment (SDMNT)
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UKSGL Fuel Sampler/Thief, Sediment (SDMNT)

Where there is a need to obtain samples of residues or deposits from a tank, or sediment or sludge from the bottom of a well or reservoir for example, UK Sampling Gauges Ltd, SDMNT Sediment Samplers are ideally suited to the task.

Each sampler has an internal spring-loaded piston, which draws a sample through the special valve at the bottom end of the sampler body.

In operation, the internal spring is first tensioned, and the sampler then lowered to the required depth. The action of taking a sample can be initiated in one of two ways:

  • By a snatch on the supporting cable, or
  • By lowering the sampler until the pin on the bottom valve contacts the solid surface at the bottom of the tank.

The piston then draws the sample into the sampler, and then re-seals effectively to prevent contamination during retrieval.

The sample can then be pumped out into a suitable container, through the nozzle supplied separately.

The SDMNT 201 is slim enough to pass through 2-inch vapour control valves on-board oil tankers.

To DIN EN ISO 3170, for manual sampling of petroleum liquids.

ModelMaterialCapacity (ml)Overall Diameter (mm)Overall Length (mm)Inlet Diameter (mm)Weight (Kg)Minimum sampling height above bottom (mm)
SDMNT 201Brass2003863 (Unloaded) 46 (Loaded) 2 
SDMNT 502316 Stainless Steel5005185 (Unloaded) 58 (Loaded) 3.3 

Samplers can either be lowered with a specialised hand-winch, for smooth and clean operation, or, more crudely, with a length of cotton rope, cotton is used because it is chemically resistant to all fuels, any also fibre that enters the fuel will not harm it, what with fuel filters being made from cotton fibre also. Rope can be found in the options below, priced per metre. Hand Winches can be found by clicking the image below:

For sample analysis of H.Res (Diesel Bug), bacteria, and fungi, Oilybits recommend ECHA Microbiology, Microbmonitor2 Microbial Culture Test Kits. For information and to order please click the image below;

Commodity Codes
Sampling Vessels90328900
Cotton Rope52071000

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