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Gammon GTP-1983 Single Membrane Refills
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Gammon GTP-1983 Single Membrane Refills


The ASTM specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels, D1655, calls for the fuel to be ‘visually free of undissolved water, sediment, and suspended matter’, and the standard tests for determining the level of dirt/particulate contamination are ASTMD2276/ IP216 and D3830. A known quantity of fuel (normally 5 litres) is passed through standard 37 mm diameter discs of 0.8 micron filter paper under field conditions. The discs are contained in Tenite plastic capsules, or monitors, along with a 34 mm diameter support pad.

The Colormetric test is used as a qualitative assessment of particulate contamination. In this test a single membrane is assembled into the monitor on site, but in a clean area, and after testing it’s colour is rated against a standard scale to identity changes in fuel cleanliness. This test is instant and can be fully completed under site conditions. It is particularly useful in establishing trends in fuel cleanliness, so tested membranes are dried and stored for later comparison.

  • Single Membranes and Support Pads
  • Replacement membranes (colormetric), Box of 100 membranes with a diameter of 37 mm and support pads with a diameter of 34 mm, with blue paper separators
  • Equivalent to Merck-Millipore AAWP037PO and Sartorius/Howden Wade P/SKP/10387

Download Gammon Technical Products Inc. - Bulletin 73 (09-20) PDFDownload Gammon Technical Products Inc. - Bulletin 73 (09-20) PDF

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