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Gammon GTP-1984 Matched-Weight Refills
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Gammon GTP-1984 Matched-Weight Refills


The ASTM specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels, D1655, calls for the fuel to be ‘visually free of undissolved water, sediment, and suspended matter’, and the standard tests for determining the level of dirt/particulate contamination are ASTMD2276/ IP216 and D3830. A known quantity of fuel (normally 5 litres) is passed through standard 37 mm diameter discs of 0.8 micron filter paper under field conditions. The discs are contained in Tenite plastic capsules, or monitors, along with a 34 mm diameter support pad.

The Gravimetric test, is used to give a quantitative assessment of particulate contamination, and in this test two factory matched weight membranes are assembled into the monitor under clean laboratory conditions. After testing the laboratory re-weighs the two membranes and establishes the increase in weight by deducting the weight of the downstream membrane from that of the upstream membrane. This test is used infrequently to provide a quantitative indication of a suspected fuel cleanliness problem.

  • Gravimetric Membranes (refills)
  • Box with 50 pairs of matched weight membranes without plastic monitors (the monitor must be loaded under laboratory conditions)
  • Equivalent to Merck-Millipore AAWP037PM

Download Gammon Technical Products Inc. GTP Membranes - Datasheet PDFDownload Gammon Technical Products Inc. GTP Membranes - Datasheet PDF

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