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Goldstream Portable Gear Pumps for Oils 75 lpm, Cast Iron, Max 200 Celcius
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Goldstream Portable Gear Pumps for Oils 75 lpm, Cast Iron, Max 200 Celcius

Robust, and reliable Portable Gear Pumps for transferring viscous oils between containers. We recommend this type of pump where liquid of medium to high viscosity needs to be pumped at high flow, and/or high temperature, it is one of the only pumps that will do this safely and effectively.

The Cast Iron version of this High Flow Gear Pump has been designed to be chemically compatible with fluids such as Vegetable Oil, Animal Fats, Motor Oil, Waste Motor Oil, Lubricating Oils and Light Greases, and other medium to high viscosity oils and other non corrosive viscous substances, this does not include oils containing any water, or emulsified water. NOTE: if this pump is used to drain oil from the bottom of a vessel, and that oil contains settled water, the pump will rust solid during rest, if there is any possibiity of the oil tank containing water, then always run the pump through with dry oil after use.

  • Featuring a sturdy carry handle, these pumps are well suited to portable usage
  • Internal gears have bearings at both ends to ensure trouble free usage at high speed and under pressure
  • Direction of flow can be changed easily by removing 2x 14mm Hex bolts, and rotating the pump head through 180 degrees
  • Due to the motor being long-coupled to the pump head, this enables the pump to operate at up to 200 Celcius
  • Shaft is exposed for efficient cooling, so precautions need to be taken as if it were any other piece of rotating machinery, to avoid material or persons being drawn in

IMPORTANT - Gear pumps cannot pump solid matter such as metal fragments, these will jam the gears and stop the pump, which can damage the motor or blow fuses. If you intend to use the pump for any oil with SOLID particle contamination, then you will need to install an inline filter to protect the pump, or be prepared to dismantle and unblock the pump as required. The pump can handle soft particles and will rapidly grind up soft particle matter such as food debris, fats, greases, etc. If you are likely to be pumping oil with solid particle contamination then we recommend using one of our Flexible Impeller Pumps which can handle very large solids without risking damage to the pumps impeller or motor, though flexible impeller pumps are not good for hot liquids, or pumping in high pressure or vacuum environments, in this scenario this gear pump is better.

Due to the pump being a positive displacement pump, and having no internal bypass mechanism, if the outlet flow is restricted to a point where the motor power is not sufficient to turn the gears (or is completely closed off), then the motor will stop turning completely, and will overheat, leading to a blown fuse. The maximum head for this pump, we recommend is 5m, unrestricted.

Motor is wired as standard as single-direction, however it is a bi-directional motor, if you wish, you can install a switch to reverse the polarity across the connections which will result in the motor running in the opposite direction. We sell 15A DPDT ON-ON switches HERE

Wetted Components
VersionCast Iron
Motor FaceCast Iron
Impellor CaseCast Iron
Impeller Case SealPaper Gasket
Motor Shaft SealViton
VanesNot Present
Vane SpringsNot Present
Rotor / Gear / ImpellorSteel
Shaft Key / NutSteel
Motor ShaftStainless Steel
Bypass Valve PistonNot Present
Bypass Valve SealNot Present
Bypass Valve SpringNot Present
Voltage / Frequency110-220vAC 60Hz 1Ph (Motor can be wired for both 110v and 220v) OR 230vAC 50Hz 1Ph
Amps8.7 @ 110V, 4.4 @ 220v
RPM2725 RPM @ 60Hz
Duty CycleContinuous at full flow
Cable Length0.75m
Bypass Valve Y/NN
Max Flow (Open Discharge)75 lpm
Discharge Pressure2.74 Bar (27.4m head)
Max Suction Lift (Dry)4.5 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet)4.5 m
Inlet Fitting1"NPT Female
Outlet Fitting1"NPT Female
Max Particle Tolerance200 Micron
Max Liquid Temp200°
Min Liquid Temp 
Max Room Temp40°
Min Room Temp 
Thermal Protection Y/NY
Max Liquid ViscosityVegetable Oil
Ingress ProtectionIP44
Length43 cm
Width28 cm
Height18 cm
Weight20.5 kg
Base Plate11.5 x 16.5 cm

Shown Below: Internal Gear Mechanism (One bearing removed to expose gear for photograph)

Download Goldstream Gear Pump - Specifications PDFDownload Goldstream Gear Pump - Specifications PDF

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