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Inpro OUF-88 & OUF-88 MAXI Heating BM Oil Lifter / Lift Pump
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Inpro OUF 88 & OUF-88 MAXI Oil Lift Pumps

Top quality oil lift pumps with integral reservoir, and electronically controlled suction pump top-up system, these are usually installed when the oil storage tank is below the level of an appliance that has no pump, such as an AGA.

The unit functions by monitoring the oil level, when the level drops to a determined point, the unit tops up to the full level, and the cycle repeats, this way it is only mkaing a noise when it is filling from empty to full not all the time. an LED panel displays correct operation and alerts to malfunction.

Two models available (2022> No longer available without Drip Tray C/W Leak Detector)

  • OUF-88 featuring a 3 Litre reservoir, plus Drip Tray C/W Leak Detector
  • OUF-88-MAXI Featuring a 12 Litre reservoir, plus Drip Tray C/W Leak Detector

These reservoir sizes were designed to replace the now-defunct BM Oil Lifters (BM-346 and BM-347) produced by BM Controls, which ceased trading some years ago. The size of the reservoir is only subject to the amount of oil one might require in the event of a power cut, as both units have the same size pumps and therefore the same hourly throughput.

The maximum lift and pipe run varies subject to individual topograpical conditions, please download the Manual at the bottom of this page and revert to the chart for further information.

An optional "Drip Tray" is available, this features an electro-optic level switch, which plugs into the oil lift pump, this has the effect of switching off the pump should oil start to build up in the drip tray, preventing leaks. The unit can be used with or without the tray, and the tray can be purchased at a later date if required, all the lift pumps have the connection for it.

Pump TypeSuction Solenoid Pump
Lifting Height (Max)8 m. vertical (8 mm I.D. tube)
Horizontal Distance (Max)100 m. horizontal (8 mm I.D. tube)
Outlet Flow Rating8 l/hr at: 8 m vertical & 25 m horizontal 15 l/hr at: 5 m vertical & 25 m horizontal (with 8mm OD tube)
Inlet Connection3/8“ F BSP
Outlet Connection3/8“ F BSP
Overflow Outlet connection1/2“ F BSP
Power SupplyAC 230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption50W
Reservoir Capacity (Full)3.5 Litre (Maxi: 12 litres)
Dimensions (W x D x H)240 x 130 x 335 mm (Maxi: 350 x 225 x 345)
Weight (Empty)3 kg (Maxi: 4 kg)
Fuel TypeKerosene & Diesel Oil

Shown Below, Inpro OUF-88, with 3L Reservoir

Shown Below, Inpro OUF-88-MAXI, with 12L Reservoir

Shown Below, Inpro OUF-88 Drip Tray, with Drip Tray Board for use with Board E (current models have a Combined Board E with Drip Tray Board, see more info below)

Shown Below, Inpro OUF-88 with Cabinet Kit

Cabinets are also available seperately to upgrade installatiions that need a cabinet, cabinets are available for;

  • OUF-88 Only (50H x 40W x 20D cms)
  • OUF-88 + Drip Tray (60H x 40W x 23D cms)
  • OUF-88 MAXI Only (80H x 60W x 30D cms)
  • OUF-88 MAXI + Drip Tray (80H x 60W x 30D cms)

Shown Below, Replacement Control Circuit Boards - The circuit boards can fail if they are shorted electronically during installation, subjected to a power surge (avoidable by running through a surge protected lead), or are subject to wet / damp conditions, or insect ingress, slugs etc, typical to some installations, this will require their replacement. There are 5 oil lifter boards in circulation, 4 control boards, C, D, E, or Combined Board E, and 1 Drip Tray Board.

  • Boards C & D are legacy boards and have the Drip Tray Board built into the circuitry.
  • Board E has the Drip Tray Board excluded (a separate board completely), so the drip tray safety system still functions if the control board fails.
  • Combined Board E is board E with the Drip Tray Board on one board, but the circuitry is separate, this board fills the space of both Board E and the Drip Tray Board, but is only suitable for one of the two chassis types that were fitted with Board E.

2024> The Combined Board E is now the replacement for Board E, where the chassis is suitable for it. If you do not have the leak detector probe on your existing installation, remove the link from your old Board E and plug into the vacant position on the Combined Board E. If your chassis is not suitable for Combined Board E, then Board E will need to be used, but Boards C, D and E are being phased out, so replacement of the entire Oil Lifter will be required once they are no longer available.

Identify your board from the images below:

Board C:

Board E, older (black type) to later (blue type), and image of compatible chassis:


Drip Tray Circuit Board Counterpart, for Board E:

Combined Board E & Drip Tray Board, and image of compatible chassis:

(Installation note - if your OUF-88 does not have a drip tray, remove the link from the Old PCB and plug into the vacant position on the Combined PCB, to deactivate the inbuilt leak detector circuit.)

Download Inpro OUF-88 - Manual PDFDownload Inpro OUF-88 - Manual PDF

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