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Malleable / Black Iron, EN10226 Pt.2, Union Elbow FF, Fig.96
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Malleable / Black Iron, EN10226 Pt.2, Union Elbow FF, Fig.96

EN10226 Pt.2 - Thread Standard: Taper Male, Taper Female, Identified externally by BANDED profile.

The high quality of these castings and the precision finish ensure these fittings comply with ISO and EN (European Norms) and BS standards for Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings.

  • Full-bore banded-reinforcement (around female outlets), conforms to BS 143 & BS 1256:1986 which is equivalent to ISO 49 and DIN 2950. ISO 49:1983 is the international standard for “Malleable Cast Iron fittings threaded to ISO 7/1”.
  • Internal and external jointing threads conforming to BS 21 (ISO R7 /1). The internal thread is cylindrical (parallel) and the external thread is tapered, in ratio of 1:16.
  • Full clear bore and a high factor of safety over stated working pressures.
  • Dimensions comply with dimensions and tolerances stated in BS 143 & BS 1256 and ISO 49 and EN 10242.
  • Manufactured from ASTM A-197 and ASTM A47
  • Working Pressure;
  •   25 Bar at -30°c to +120°c
  •   20 Bar at +120°c to +300°c

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