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MMC Test Kits (Pack of 10) Cocaine Cutting Agents
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MMC Test Kits (Pack of 10) Cocaine Cutting Agents

The Cocaine Cutting Agents Test enables you to quickly get an idea if Cocaine has been cut, and what with. Un-cut Cocaine will not react with this test.

In general Cocaine dealers cut their Cocaine with adulterants to increase their profit margins. Every time the Cocaine is handed down a supply chain it gets less and less pure. With this test, officers can quickly determine what Cutting Agents are present in the Cocaine they come across. Based on the results of this test they can determine if they are dealing with a dealer at the top of the supply chain or lower down the supply chain. All of this without having to wait for a laboratory analysis.

Below; When presumptively positive the color should be:

If inconclusive or if you doubt the result, always get the suspected sample analysed by a laboratory.

There might always be some variation in the color reactions due to the composition of the compound.

Each pack contains 10 Cocaine Cutting Agents Tests, 10 spatulas and one instruction sheet.

3 year lifespan from date of manufacture.

Download Protocol Sheet PDFDownload Protocol Sheet PDF

Download Cocaine Cutting Agents MSDS PDFDownload Cocaine Cutting Agents MSDS PDF

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