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Oilybits OB-45 Perforated Basket Centrifuge / Centrifugal Sieve
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Oilybits OB-45, Perforated Basket Centrifuge / Centrifugal Sieve

Designed for centrifugal seperation of cutting liquids from machined parts or chip debris, or seperation of liquids from other coarse solids.

OB-45 can be used for removing any liquids which are not chemically agressive to the machines component materials, these include all petroleum and vegetable derived oils, as well as water based products and blends of water & oil such as cutting fluids.

OB-45 in its stock format is loaded manually, the lid clamped down and the machine switched on, the oil is then spun out of the chips / parts and drains out via a tap. Some customers who use the machine for centrifugally filtering liquids, drill a hole through the top of the lid, so that liqids can be pumped into the basket in a continuous cycle, eliminating the need for manual loading.

OB-45 has a side door for easy moving of the potentially heavy basket out of the enclosure, the basket is then put onto a stand which enables it to be inverted and the parts or waste tipped out onto a tray, also included. Due to the design of the side door it is possible for some oil to leak out when opened, this is channeled into a V-shaped gutter, under which a tray (also included an show in our images) is placed to collect spillage. The door can be better sealed with an adhesive rubber strip or by placement of a plastic screen inside the door.

The perforated bowl is made from zinc plated mild steel and has a nominal perforation size of 1.5mm, if your solid media is less than 1.5mm, the bowl can easily be lined with filter cloth or mesh to retain smaller particles of the desired size.

OB-45 is free standing, and is supplied with 4 bolt holes for bolting to the floor. It is possible for braked casters or legs (not supplied) to be bolted through these holes, if the machine needs to be made portable, or the operational height increased.

Voltage415v 3-Phase 50Hz, or 230v 1-Phase 50Hz
RPM of Basket774 RPM
Seperational G-Force133 G
PowerConnection3 Core Flex, connected to machine with 16A 3 Pin Caravan/Site Plug
Basket Solids (Total) Capacity35 Litres
Basket Maximum Solids Weight15 Kg
Basket Liquid Sludge Capacity10 Litres
Cycle Time5 Minutes
Basket Inner Diameter400 mm
Basket Height275 mm
Basket Lip Depth30 mm
Basket screen hole diameter1.5 mm circular
Dimensions750 Long x 610 Deep x 820 High (mm)
Outlet1.5" Female, Supplied with 1" Female Ball Valve
Weight150 kg Net

Shown Below: Cutaway diagram showing flow pathway

Shown Below; View from control panel end, showing drip tray to catch door spillage

Shown Below: Bowl inverter and catch pan

Tariff Code
Centrifuge for Liquids8421197000

Download Oilybits OB-45 Assembly Diagram PDFDownload Oilybits OB-45 Assembly Diagram PDF

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