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Pedrollo Combipress Pressure Boosting Set CB2
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Pedrollo Combipress Pressure Boosting Set CB2

COMBIPRESS are twin pump pressure boosting sets supplied per-assembled and ready to install.The sets are designed so that the pumps operate automatically in succession as the demand for water increases.This results in significant energy savings as the second pump only runs at times of high demand. The lead pump is alternated automatically by the control box.


  • Clean water and non-chemically aggressive liquids.
  • Water supply: Pressure boosting in industrial applications, condominiums, hotels,communities, water treatment plants, campsites, schools, hospitals, barracks.
  • Irrigation: Playing fields in general (football, golf etc), agricultural cultivation, artificial snow systems

Various, Consult PDF Below

Wetted Components
Pump BodyCast Iron
Impellor CaseCast Iron
Impellor Case SealNBR
Motor Shaft SealNBR
VanesNot Present
Vane SpringsNot Present
Rotor / Gear / ImpellorBrass
Shaft Key / NutStainless Steel 304
Motor ShaftStainless Steel 304
Bypass Valve PistonNot Present
Bypass Valve SpringNot Present
Voltage / Frequency50Hz
kWx2 0.75 - x2 7.5
Duty CycleContinuous
Cable LengthNone
Bypass Valve Y/NN
Max FlowVarious, Consult PDF Below
Discharge Pressure11.2 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry)NA
Max Suction Lift (Wet)7m
Inlet FittingVarious, Consult PDF Below
Outlet FittingVarious, Consult PDF Below
Max Particle Tolerance 
Max Liquid TempTBC
Min Liquid TempTBC
Max Room TempTBC
Min Room TempTBC
Thermal Protection Y/NY
Ingress ProtectionIP44
Options Available
Pedrollo Part NumberModel
 Combipress CB2-MK 3/3-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 3/4-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 3/5-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 3/6-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 5/4-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 5/5-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 5/6-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 5/7-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 5/8-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 8/4-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 8/5-N
 Combipress CB2-MK 8/6-N
KC2CT2616BACombipress CB2-2CP 25/14B
KC2CT2614AACombipress CB2-2CP 25/16A
KC2CT2614BACombipress CB2-2CP 25/16B
KC2CT2614CACombipress CB2-2CP 25/16C
KC2CT13ACombipress CB2-2CP 25/130N
KC2CT313BACombipress CB2-2CP 32/200B
KC2CT303CACombipress CB2-2CP 32/200C
KC2CT353AECombipress CB2-2CP 32/210A
KC2CT343BECombipress CB2-2CP 32/210B
KC2CT403AECombipress CB2-2CP 40/180A
KC2CT393BECombipress CB2-2CP 40/180B
KC2CT383CACombipress CB2-2CP 40/180C
KC2CM13A1Combipress CB2-2CPm 25/130N
KC2CM2616BA1Combipress CB2-2CPm 25/14B
KC2CM2614BA1Combipress CB2-2CPm 25/16B
KC2CM2614CA1Combipress CB2-2CPm 25/16C
KCCPN286A1Combipress CB2-4CPm 100-C

Shown Below, Combipress CB2 - MK

Shown Below, Combipress CB2 - 2CP 25/32

Shown Below, Combipress CB2 -2CP 40

For 110v 50Hz, and 60Hz motors please email us for availability and price.

Download Pedrollo Combipress, 50Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo Combipress, 50Hz PDF

Download Combipress, 60Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo Combipress, 60Hz PDF

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