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Piusi Box Piusibox Adblue, Transfer Pump for Urea / Adblue
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Piusi Box Piusibox Adblue, Transfer Pump for Urea / Adblue

PIUSIBOX for AdBlue is a portable dispenser that was created to carry out AdBlue transfer and filling operations. For non-commercial use, PIUSIBOX for AdBlue is suitable when environmental conditions may be a major cause of fluid contamination.

PIUSIBOX for AdBlue meets the needs of users who are looking for a AdBlue dispenser suitable for any adverse environmental conditions of use.

The sturdy box has wheels, which make it easy to transport PIUSIBOX for AdBlue, wherever you need it.The AdBlue dispenser simplifies the filling of Urea in tanks installed on vehicles and on earthmoving machines, unable to refill directly from the dispenser due to their size. For this reason, PIUSIBOX for AdBlue meets the needs of different industries including automotive, construction, mining and agriculture.

The sturdy box with wheels contains everything you need to refill. The reliable AdBlue self-priming transfer pump is capable of dispensing 36 l/min and comes complete with cables and switch. The 6 m. delivery hose and the 2 m. suction hose have a SEC connector.

The SB325_X automatic nozzle completes the Misfilling Kit with spout with misfilling system and PIUSI magnetic adaptor. Indeed, by means of the special kit, it is possible to transform the SB325_X into SB325 with a misfilling system. The conversion allows AdBlue® to be dispensed only when the magnet is present in the tank mouth, thus avoiding misfilling. Finally, the 3D PIUSI filter helps to maintain the quality of the product dispensed, thus extending the life of the catalyst.

Options Available
Piusi Part NumberDescriptionFlow Rate (lpm)PowerDelivery HoseSuction HoseMeter
F00204060Piusibox Adblue3224v6m2mSB325 Auto

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