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Piusi Easy Oil, Manual Oil Dispensing Nozzle
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Piusi Easy Oil, Manual Oil Dispensing Nozzle

EASYOIL is a new dispensing nozzle specifically designed for the industry. Its main advantages are:

  • Ergonomics, featuring an anatomical handgrip and a trigger that requires minimal pressure
  • Safety, thanks to lever protection that prevents accidentally pressing the trigger
  • Easily Integratable
  • The EASYOIL handgrip, combined with a K400 meter becomes an extremely mobile tool for measuring the dispensing of oil
  • Versatility. A wide array of accessories allows configuring the dispensing nozzle for the most varied requirements

Construction Characteristics:

  • The aluminium body is resistant to high pressure;
  • The plastic anti-shock handgrip is avialble in serveral colours
  • A balanced valve reduces pressures on the trigger
  • The trigger is protected to prevent accidental spills
  • Trigger lock button for dispensing
  • Optional suction filter available
  • The K400 and K40 meter can be installed in the handgrip

For full product details refer to the below Piusi PDF downloads or

Part NumberDescriptionMax Flow (lpm)Pressure Range (Bar)Spout TypeInlet
F0096600AEasyoil FF 1/2" x 1/2" BSP304-70None, Body Only1/2" BSP Female
F00966130Easyoil + Swivel 1/2" + Rigid Spout304-70Rigid, With Automatic No-Drip Valve1/2" BSP Female
F00966140Easyoil + Swivel 1/2" + Flexible Spout304-70Flexi, With Automatic No-Drip Valve1/2" BSP Female
F00966150Easyoil + Swivel 1/2" + Rotating Spout304-70Rotating, With Automatic No-Drip Valve1/2" BSP Female

Download Piusi Easyoil Nozzle, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi Easyoil Nozzle, Datasheet PDF

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