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Piusi K500 Pre-Set, Electronic Oil Dispensing Nozzle
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Piusi K500 Pre-Set, Electronic Oil Dispensing Nozzle

The Piusi K500 is an electronic oil dispensing nossle, which can be pre-programmed with a set amount to dispense, it then closes a valve to stop dispensing when that pre determined level has been reached

  • The oval-gear meter makes it possible to achieve high count precision with low flow rate resistance
  • The nozzle makes for easy calibration
  • Dispensing is made easier thanks to the articulated end and swivel inlet connection
  • The external structure consists of an ergonomic plastic shell with shock proof rubber
  • The trigger protection prevents accidental operation
  • Thanks to the threaded outlet coupling, any outlet fitting can be connected
  • A large easy-maintenance inlet filter proetcts the nozzle from impurities
  • Thanks to the sealed battery compartment it can be used in any condition

K500 is a unique and indispensable tool for industry operators

Performance Specifications

  • Flow rate from 1 to 30 l/min (0,6 divided by 7,9 gal/ min)
  • Accuracy 0.5 % over the entire flow range
  • Repeatability 0.2 %
  • Viscosity range from 5 to 2000 cSt
  • Max operating pressure: 70 bar max (994 psi)
  • Pre-selectable quantity: 0.1 litres min, 99.9 litres max (K500 version).
  • Quantity dispensed indicators with various units of measure

For full product details refer to the below Piusi PDF downloads or

Part NumberDescriptionAutomatic No-Drip ValveMax lpmMax Pressure (Bar)BatteriesInlet Size
F0068700DK500 With Articulable SpoutYes1-30701.5v AA, *41/2"BSP Female
F0068720AK500 With Rigid SpoutYes1-30701.5v AA, *41/2"BSP Female
F0068721AK500 With Flexible SpoutYes1-30701.5v AA, *41/2"BSP Female
F0068600CK500 With Articulable SpoutYes1-30701.5v AA, *41/2"BSP Female

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Download Piusi K500 Preset, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi K500 Preset, Datasheet PDF

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