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Richter Land Chains, 10-50m
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Richter Land Chains, 10-50m

  • Manufactured from hard, galvanised-steel wire
  • Diameter 3.5 mm
  • Each link 25 cm long
  • Each meter marked with figure plate
  • Provided with swivelled links
  • Both ends provided with turnable handgrips
  • Both handgrips included in total length measurement
  • Buckled leather strap to keep them all together


  • Conformity Certificate KON1. General Certificate, not serial number specific. Available per tape or per order showing all tapes listed on 1 certificate. Price is per certificate.
Part NumberLength
541 1010 m
541 2020 m
541 2525 m
541 3030 m
541 5050 m

Download EXAMPLE Richter Conformity Certificate KON1 PDFDownload EXAMPLE Richter Conformity Certificate KON1 PDF

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