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TODO Ball Valves
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TODO Ball Valves


One Way or Two Way Ball Valves.

TODO lightweight ball valves offer real cash savings through significant weight savings to the road and tanker industry. Designed to work specifically well in any application which involves regular compartment switching, the ball valves are also used in fixed plant and mobile refuelling applications.

The unrivalled sandwich design ensures that quick, easy valve changeover is permitted with a PTFE seal preventing leakage – all of which help to save businesses time and money. The robust construction, with very few moving parts, results in a highly reliable system.

One way and two way valves are available, each with a range of connection types. All TODO ball valves meet the highest international standards for safety and have TDT approval, mark TDT-UW-30/09,
are manufactured under EN ISO 9001:2000 and are certified towards ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


Ideal for use in road tankers and a variety of plant applications to permit flow in one direction only, TODO one way ball valves are available with pneumatic actuation and with a wide selection of end connectors.

Available products:

  • 4” ball valve with actuator
  • 3” ball valve
  • 2” ball valve


Offering all the benefits of one way ball valves, the two way ball valves range is ideal for use as a compartment or tank switching valve, to control the direction of flow between either of two outlets.
Available products:

  • 4” ball valve with actuator
  • 3” ball valve
  • 2” ball valve

All Valves Feature:

  • In DN50 2", DN80 3" and DN100 4"
  • Aluminium valve body and ball
  • Easy to service
  • PTFE ball sealing
  • Operates under pressure and flow
  • Extremely reliable
  • Robust construction
  • Available with handle or actuator
  • Working pressure PN10
  • Safety factor 5:1
TODO Part No.DescriptionNBMethodConn. 1Conn. 2Conn. 3BodySealSpindleSeal Carrier
1-5121D-11072"BALLVALVE ONEWAY2 inchOne-way2" BSPF2" BSPFN/ASteelVitonBrassSteel
1-5122D-11072"BALLVALVE ONEWAY2 inchOne-way1.5" BSPF1.5" BSPFN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-5123D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VITON2 inchOne-wayWeldWeldN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-5123H-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-wayWeldWeldN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-5125D-11062"BALLVALVE AL/NITRI2 inchOne-wayWeldWeldN/ASteelNBRBrassSteel
1-5125D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-wayWeldWeldN/ASteelVitonBrassSteel
1-5126D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VITON2 inchOne-wayBlankBlankN/ASteelVitonBrassSteel
1-5127D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way2" BSPM2" BSPMN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-5128D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way2" BSPM2" BSPMN/ASteelVitonBrassSteel
1-5129D-11062"BALLVALVE AL/NBR2 inchOne-way2" BSPF2" BSPFN/AAluminiumNBRBrassSteel
1-5129D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way2" BSPF2" BSPFN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-5192D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way2" BSPF2" BSPMN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-6305-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way1.25" PN61.25" PN6N/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-8127D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way2" MNPT2" MNPTN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel
1-8129D-11072"BALLVALVE AL/VIT2 inchOne-way2" FNPT2" FNPTN/AAluminiumVitonBrassSteel

Download TODO General Product Brochure, PDFDownload TODO General Product Brochure PDF

Download TODO Ball Valves, Introduction PDFDownload TODO Ball Valves, Introduction PDF


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