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US Filtermaxx, 2400G, 3000G, and 10000G Spinning Bowl Centrifuges
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US Filtermaxx, 2400G, 3000G, and 10000G Spinning Bowl Centrifuges

The US Filtermaxx Centrifuge is an american designed & manufactured, high quaity, high precision, high speed spinning-bowl centrifuge, for general centrifugal separation of liquids which are not agressive to the machines component materials.

The US Filtermaxx Centrifuge has been independently assessed and has been found to remove over 98% of particles from 4-38 Microns, and 100% of particles over 70 Microns (At full speed, 2400G, with the oil at 71°c). The laboratory report can be found in the PDF downloads below.

Unlike the Oilybits OB Series Centrifuge, the US Filtermaxx Centrifuge does not use any of the incoming oil for essential lubrication, and therefore everything that passes through the centrifuge had been 'cleaned' to some extent, the slower the centrifuge is fed, the greater the extent of cleaning.

The US Filtermaxx Centrifuge does not use filters, no waste media is created in using the machine, it also does not utilize a pump, and therefore the oil that goes in can be contaminated to a greater extent than oil which needs to pass through a pump into a filtering device.

These centrifuges are also popular for recovering precious metals in jewellery manufacture, offcuts, swarf, chips, and pastes from polishing can all be recovered or seprated from oils and coolants in a centrifuge, without any valuable metal / material being trapped in a filter element and lost.

US Filtermaxx Centrifuge Standard Features:

  • High efficiency; 100% reduction of particles >70 Microns, 98%+ reduction of particles >4-38 Microns.
  • Fixed Speed, 2400G > USFiltermaxx or Leeson 120 / 240V single-phase 3/4hp, or Baldor 230V/460V 3-phase 3/4hp, pre-wired motors available.
  • Fixed Speed, 3000G > USFiltermaxx 240V single-phase 1.5hp motor.
  • Fixed Speed, 10000G > USFiltermaxx 230V single-phase or 3-phase 2hp motor.
  • Belt overdrive system drives the high-speed rotor while the motor runs at 1800 rpm for a quieter, cooler running, longer lasting centrifuge.
  • Large 3.785 Litre displacement bowl that filters 1260 to 3785 Litres of oil per day (Max. rate example; Diesel Polishing @ 20c)
  • Clean oil and dirty oil are separated by an internal dam.
  • Feed plate distributes oil evenly around circumference.
  • Footprint fits on top of 205 Litre Steel Drum.
  • Forced Ventilation exhausts vapors released during processing waste oils or biodiesel. Prevents contamination of clean oil by water vapor droplets and ventilates methanol vapors.
  • Operating load is taken by 1-inch diameter spindle with replaceable bearings, not the motor bearings as with some other centrifuges.
  • Bowl is removed by the quick release spindle in less than a minute.
  • Heavy duty 1 inch thick aluminum centrifuge body for rigidity and minimal vibration.
  • Rotor is a machined aircraft-grade aluminum casting.
  • 15 minutes from box to operation.
  • Anti-Vibration Mounting Feet (3)
  • Can be switched on/off simply at the power supply, and thus controlled with a timer switch on that supply if desired.

Optional Accessories:

  • Automatic Centrifuge Controllers > Allow unit to cycle and drain sludge for unattended cleaning of up to 3785 Litres of oil per day (Example; Diesel Polishing @ 20c)
  • Bolt-On Heater Tube/s > Multiples of which can be bolted to the legs of the centrifuge so the unit remains compact and standalone.

US Filtermaxx 1.5kW Heater Specification:

  • Long folded element delivers gentle heat so that it does not burn your oil, yet gets hot enough to remove dissolved water and split emulsions.
  • Use as standalone, or combine with a US Filtermaxx digital process heater or automatic centrifuge controller.
  • Readily mounts to the leg of a US Filtermaxx centrifuge, multiple heaters can be used for high speed heating.
  • The slower the flow rate, the hotter the element will heat the oil.
  • Adjustable output when combined with Variable Heat Controller.
  • Lifetime warranty element - rated to withstand dry firing.
USFiltermaxx 120v 1500w Heater Specification
Power, Fixed (No Power Controller)1500w
Power, Range (With Variabe Heat Controller)1200 to 2500 watts
Voltage120vAC each, or 230vAC with 2 elements in series
Heating CapabilityOne Element 21c at 55 lph, Two elements in series 42c at 55 lph
Watts Density24w/in
Port Size, Inlet1/2" NPT Female
Port Size, Outlet1/2" NPT Female
Port Size, Temperature Probe1/4" NPT Female
USFiltermaxx 2400G Centrifuge Specification
Flow RateDependent on Media & Temperature, Examples: Diesel@20c, 150 LPH, WMO@ 70c 30-40LPH, or WMO@70-95c 30-60 LPH
Motor Voltage Range 2400G120v1ph30-100Hz, 108-250v1ph30-100Hz, 108-250v3ph30-100Hz
Motor Voltage Range 3000G208-240v1ph30-100Hz, 208-230v3ph30-100Hz
Motor Voltage Range 10000G230v1ph50hz
Motor RPM1800
Centrifuge Bowl RPMApproximately 5500
Centrifuge Bowl Inside DiameterApproximately 25.40 cm
Centrifuge Bowl Inside HeightApproximately 15.25 cm
G-Force at Cleaner Wall2400G, 3000G, or 10000G
Centrifuge Bowl Dirt Holding CapaciyApproximately 2.7 Litres
Overall Width56 cm (fits inside the top lip of a 205 L / 40 Gal Steel Drum)
Overall Depth56 cm (fits inside the top lip of a 205 L / 40 Gal Steel Drum)
Overall Height61 cm (allow 30cm above for opening the lid)
Weight<58 Kg
Inlet Connection (Liquid)1/4" NPT Female
Inlet Connection (Ventilating Air)1/4" NPT Female
Outlet Connection (Clean)1,1/4" NPT Female
Outlet Connection (Sludge)3/4" NPT Female
Suitable forWater, Diesel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil Etc
Max Temp400 Farenheit
System Options, Power Requirements
2400G Centrifuge OnlyStart: 20A at 120v or 10A at 240v
Run: 7A at 120v or 3A 1t 240v Approx.
3000G Centrifuge OnlyStart: 20A at 240v
Run: 7A at 240v Approx
10000 Centrifuge OnlyTBC
Heater (Each) Standalone15A at 120v and 7.5A at 240v
Heater (Each) With Variable Wattage Controller (up to 160v)20A at 240v

Shown Below: Centrifuge Bowl:

Shown Below: Optional 1.5kW Heating Element/s, and 2x elements fitted to centrifuge legs - aids separation by making oil less viscous:

Shown below, Optional P-Trap assembly, to prevent vapour condensate from exiting clean oil line (must never be fitted to sludge line):


Shown Below; Optional Deluxe Programmable Controller:

  • The Deluxe Programmable Controller (Featuring Run Time, Cycle Time, and Temperature Control) allows the centrifuge to clean oil, dump water and sludge and shut down at a preset time for hands-off cleaning with large amounts of oil. Great for WVO, lube oil, used oil, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel polishing. It can control power on/off to 1 or 2 Bolt-On Heaters, if the system is 120V then it can control 1 Heater, if the system is 240v then it can control 2 Heaters. Order the 1 or 2 heaters, plus the flow control valve, separately from the options.

Shown Below; Optional Deluxe Variable Heater Wattage Programmable Controller:

  • With all the features of the Deluxe Programmable Controller, plus variable wattage heater control, so you can change the heating power from 1250 watts to 2400 watts by turning a knob. Also featuring a Flow Sensor to shut down the heaters should the oil stop flowing. Order the 1 or 2 heaters, plus the flow control valve, separately from the options.

Shown Below; Optional Economy Programmable Cycle-Time Controller:

  • The Economy Programmable Cycle-Time Controller allows the centrifuge to clean oil, dump water and sludge and shut down between cycles for hands-off cleaning with large amounts of oil.

Shown Below; Optional Economy Programmable Temperature Controller:

  • The Economy Programmable Temperature Controller, switches the heating element/s on/off as the line temperature reaches pre-set thresholds.

Shown Below; Optional Motorized Ball Valve for use with Deluxe Controller with Temperature Control:

Shown Below; Videos on Programmable Controllers and Ball Valve Wiring:


Shown Below; Video showing inside the unit, and the sludge separation system:

Shown Below; Video showing the build-up of sludge in a typical waste motor-oil cleaning scenario:

Tariff Code
Centrifuge for Liquids8421197000

Download USFiltermaxx - Venting Vapours & P-Trap Installation PDFDownload USFiltermaxx - Venting Vapours & P-Trap Installation PDF

Download USFiltermaxx - Lab test report of WMO sample run at 160F, at 40 lph PDFDownload USFiltermaxx - Lab test report of WMO sample run at 160F, at 40 lph PDF

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