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Oilybits Water-Absorbing Polymer

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Oilybits Water-Absorbing Polymer

One of our own range of products, this super-absorbant polymer will absorb 130 TIMES its own weight in water, but it will not absorb oil (mineral or vegetable) and therefore can absorb any free water in the fuel preventing it from being passed through a standard particulate filter.

This product is most commonly used for removing water from domestic heating oil tanks, or diesel storage tanks, and is deployed by enclosing the polymer with a weight such as a stone into a 100 Micron Nylon Monofilament Filter Bag (by means of a cable tie around the top) and lowering to the bottom of the tank tethered to a string. Optimum absorbtion is reached after approximately 2-3 hours, or until it has grown to 130 times its original size, whichever the sooner.

This product is not immediately effective with emulsified oil / water, however it will absorb emulsified water from diesel and biodiesel given time, how long depends on the difference between the volume of oil and the volume of polymer. Using 20ml of saturated biodiesel, and 1G of polymer, the polymer dried the biodiesel in 24 hours.

The image on this listing is of a glass of vegetable oil, with a bed of approximately 3mm of polymer at the bottom, the expanded area to the right is where a droplet of water has been added, and has been absorbed by the polymer from the oil. When the oil is then passed through a 100 Micron Nylon Monofilament Filter Bag the water will stay behind with the polymer which is too big to pass through the filter mesh

Density 2.5 ml = 1.0 Gram
Colour White
Particle Size Above 100 Micron When Dry
Absorbtion Data
Weight Approximate Volume of Powder Approximate Saturated Volume Approximate Saturated Weight
10 Grams 25 ml 1.3 Litre 1.3 Kilograms
100 Grams 250 ml 13 Litres 13 Kilograms
250 Grams 625 ml 32.5 Litres 32.5 Kilograms
1000 Grams 2500 ml 130 Litres 130 Kilograms

If you have a major water contamination problem them we always recommend pumping the majority of the water out first with a simple self-priming pump such as our Drill Powered Pump, and a length of 1/2" Hose (Same size as Garden Hose)

Download Oilybits Water Absorbing Polymer - Deployment Instructions PDFDownload Oilybits Water Absorbing Polymer - Deployment Instructions PDF

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100 Grams (£6.67)
1000 Grams (£55.83)
250 Grams (£15.25)

Product Code: POLYMER


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