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Zuwa Zumpe, Gear Pumps, Motor Driven (Cast Iron) 2.3-70.0 LPM
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Zuwa Zumpe, Gear Pumps, Motor Driven (Cast Iron) 2.3-70.0 LPM

2021 - Zuwa have imposed a Minimum Order Value, so we are now unable to supply Zuwa products below the combined value of, currently, 650.00 GBP.

High quality, German manufactured Gear Pumps with CE approved, continuous duty motors.

  • Flow rates from 2.3 to 70 LPM
  • Consistent Flow Volume
  • Maximum Pressures from 10 to 20 Bar
  • Temperature Range from -25 to 200c, with special seal options for 230c
  • Viscosity Range from 2 to 4000 cSt
  • Run dry time of 30 seconds

400v3Ph Versions can also be powered via a Phase Controller, allowing the pump speed to be controlled, please email us for information and prices for the speed controller if required, price is in the region of 600 GBP as of 2017.


ModelVoltagekW (400v)Amps (400v)RPMMax Flow LPMMax PressureConnection Size (GAS/BSP/ISO)Max Viscosity cSt
123A01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.250.8414505.510 Bar1/2"350
123A02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.371.1114505.215 Bar1/2"350
123A03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.5814504.820 Bar1/2"350
123A04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.371.119003.115 Bar1/2"1000
123A05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.250.847002.315 Bar1/2"4000
123B01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.371.1114501110 Bar3/4"350
123B02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.5814501015 Bar3/4"350
123B03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.751.814509.220 Bar3/4"350
123B04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.371.119006.810 Bar3/4"1000
123B05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.589006.115 Bar3/4"1000
123B06400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.587005.115 Bar3/4"4000
123C01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.5814501710 Bar3/4"350
123C02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.751.8145015.515 Bar3/4"350
123C03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.371.119009.810 Bar3/4"1000
123C04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.589009.115 Bar3/4"1000
123C05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.58700815 Bar3/4"4000
123D01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.751.814502210 Bar3/4"350
123D02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.7145019.215 Bar3/4"350
123D03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.551.5890013.910 Bar3/4"1000
123D04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.751.890013.115 Bar3/4"1000
123D05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph0.751.870010.115 Bar3/4"4000
123E01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.714504010 Bar1"350
123E02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.7145037.515 Bar1"350
123E03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.79002410 Bar1"1000
123E04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.790022.515 Bar1"1000
123E05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.77001910 Bar1"4000
123E06400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.770017.515 Bar1"4000
123F01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.714505010 Bar1"350
123F02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph2.24.9145048.215 Bar1"350
123F03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.79003110 Bar1"1000
123F04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.790029.415 Bar1"1000
123F05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.77002410 Bar1"4000
123F06400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.770022.315 Bar1"4000
123G01400v3ph, or 230v1Ph2.24.914507010 Bar1"350
123G02400v3ph, or 230v1Ph36.514506615 Bar1"350
123G03400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.790047.510 Bar1"1000
123G04400v3ph, or 230v1Ph2.24.990040.215 Bar1"1000
123G05400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.12.77003310 Bar1"4000
123G06400v3ph, or 230v1Ph1.53.77003115 Bar1"4000
Wetted Components
HousingGrey Cast Iron GG-25
CoverGrey Cast Iron GG-25
ShaftCase Hardened Steel
Shaft SealNBR, (Viton, Neoprene or EPDM on special request)
Impeller Case & Cover SealNBR, (Viton, Neoprene or EPDM on special request)

Shown Below - Gear Mechanism Diagram

Shown Below - Variant-E Flow curve

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