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UKSGL Fuel Sampler/Thief, Multi-Functional: Spot, Running & All Level (ALSB-V)
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UKSGL Fuel Sampler/Thief, Multi-Functional: Spot, Running & All Level (ALSB-V)

UK Sampling Gauges Ltd, ALSB-V sampler has been further developed so that it can take accurate samples, delivered in a sealable glass bottle, of up to 1-litre capacity. It can operate in any of three ways, simply by fitting one of three inlet probes:

  • As an all-level sampler, collecting liquid from the tank continuously as it moves downwards through the liquid from top to bottom, with a special inlet valve allowing liquid to enter only while the sampler is moving downwards, or
  • As a running sampler, collecting liquid continuously as it is lowered and raised through the liquid, or
  • As a spot sampler, taking its sample at a specific depth within the liquid, and re-sealing effectively to prevent contamination during retrieval.

The inlet probes used when taking all-level or running sampling have adjustable inlet orifices, allowing a wide range of liquid viscosities to be sampled within a practical timescale.

When taking all-level or running samples, the design of the sampler ensures that the rate of filling is constant during operation, independent of both the depth of the sampler and the extent of filling.

Fitting and removing bottles is quick and easy and many different bottle types can be accommodated.

Bottles are supplied seperately, Winchester Bottles will come supplied with Black Polypropylene Caps with Polypropylene Cone Seals, for best resistance to most fuel types.

'Winchester' bottles are the most commonly used bottle as they are readily available, low cost, recyclable, and have a standard thread form (R6/31 GF 326B). The sampler can also be made with alternative threads for different bottles, an engineering drawing of your bottle will be required to ensure that it will fit the cage, and to program the desired thread form.


  • The ALSB-V Sampling Gauge is NOT ATEX approved in its own right.
  • The ALSB-V Sampling Gauge can be supplied in ATEX standard, when it is purchased at the same time as a Mk-1A Winder.
  • The ATEX certificate will contain the serial numbers of both the Mk-1A Winder and the Sampling Gauge. The Winder will have an "ATEX Sticker" applied to it, and the Sampling Gauge will bear no additional markings.
  • Other Sampling Gauges that qualify for ATEX approval in conjunction with EACH Mk-1A Winder are: ALBTMSBTMSALS
  • The ATEX certification is provided FREE OF CHARGE and automatically, when a qualifying gauge and winder are purchased

To DIN EN ISO 3170, for manual sampling of petroleum liquids.

ModelMaterialCapacity (ml)Overall Diameter (mm)Overall Length (mm)Inlet Diameter (mm)Weight (Kg)Minimum sampling height above bottom (mm)
ALSB-V 502316 Stainless Steel50092430Adjustable  
ALSB-V 1002316 Stainless Steel1000104480Adjustable2 

Shown Below, ALSB - Set up as Running Sampler (Also featuring Clear Glass Winchester Bottle)

Shown Below, ALSB - Set up as All-Level Sampler (Also featuring Clear Glass Winchester Bottle)

Shown Below, ALSB - Set up as Spot Sampler (Also featuring Clear Glass Winchester Bottle)

Shown Below, Inlet flow adjusted to Maximum

Shown Below, Inlet flow adjusted to Minimum

Samplers can either be lowered with a specialised hand-winch, for smooth and clean operation, or, more crudely, with a length of cotton rope, cotton is used because it is chemically resistant to all fuels, any also fibre that enters the fuel will not harm it, what with fuel filters being made from cotton fibre also. Rope can be found in the options below, priced per metre. Hand Winches can be found by clicking the image below:

For sample analysis of H.Res (Diesel Bug), bacteria, and fungi, Oilybits recommend ECHA Microbiology, Microbmonitor2 Microbial Culture Test Kits. For information and to order please click the image below;

Commodity Codes
Sampling Vessels90328900
Cotton Rope52071000

Download Winchester Bottle, 0.5L Drawing PDFDownload Winchester Bottle, 0.5L Drawing PDF

Download Winchester Bottle, 1L Drawing PDFDownload Winchester Bottle, 1L Drawing PDF

Download Winchester Bottle, 2L Drawing PDFDownload Winchester Bottle, 2L Drawing PDF

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