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Giuliani Anello GHAV Gas On-Off Automatic Valve
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Giuliani Anello GHAV Gas On-Off Automatic Valve

For use with Gas of the follwing groups;

  • Manufactured Gases (Town Gas)
  • Natural Gases (Group H - Methane)
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Non Agressive Gases
Technical Specifications
ConnectionsVarious - See Table Below
Maximum Operating Pressure1.0 Bar

Made in Italy.

Manufacturers & Part Numbers
SizeManufacturers Part NumberManufacturers Type NumberDescriptionMax PressureGiuliani Anello Brochure Page (Refer to PDF Brochure Below)
DN65 / PN-Flange021.0100.001GHAV65Voltage 230v, 50Hz1.0 Bar41
DN80 / PN-Flange021.0101.001GHAV80Voltage 230v, 50Hz1.0 Bar41
DN100 / PN-Flange021.0102.001GHAV100Voltage 230v, 50Hz1.0 Bar41
DN125 / PN-Flange021.0103.001GHAV125Voltage 230v, 50Hz1.0 Bar41
DN150 / PN-Flange021.0104.001GHAV150Voltage 230v, 50Hz1.0 Bar41
Spare Part Numbers
Manufacturers Part NumberManufacturers Type NumberDescriptionGiuliani Anello Brochure Page (Refer to PDF Brochure Below)
014.0060.001511.0026.001GHAV 65, 80 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator IP5441
014.0061.001511.0027.001GHAV 100 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator IP5441
014.0062.001511.0028.001GHAV 125, 150 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator IP5441

Download Giuliani Anello Brochure, 2015 PDFDownload Giuliani Anello Brochure, 2015 PDF


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