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GOK ODR Pressure Reducing Valve, For Agas, 100mb Pre-Set
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GOK ODR Pre-Set Pressure Reducing Valves

For use on any appliances where the inlet pressure should be @100mb, most commonly used for vaporiser type appliances such as Agas, but also used on all other types of oil fired heating boiler or cooker / range

The valve is required when the static head of oil is greater than 100mb, the equivalent to a positive head of approximately 1m. This may occurr when your oil tank is on a piece of garden at an elevated position to the boiler. The valve is capable of reducing pressure down from 6.0 Bar to 0.1 Bar - 6 Bar being the equivalent to roughly 60 Metres of positive head

Complete with 10mm compression fittings

Flow Rate20 lph
Working Inlet Pressure0.5 to 6.0 Bar
Maximum Inlet Pressure (Spike)10.0 Bar
Outlet Presure (Fixed)0.1 Bar (100 mb)

Download GOK ODR Pressure Regulating Valve PDFDownload GOK ODR Pressure Regulating Valve PDF

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