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Koehler Weighted Beaker / Fuel Sampler, Sampling Vessel / Sample Thief
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Koehler Weighted Beaker / Fuel Sampler, Sampling Vessel / Sample Thief

The Koehler "Weighted Beaker" Sampling Vessel / Sample Thief obtains samples from tank cars, tank trucks, shore tanks, ship tanks, and barge tanks.

  • Copper or Stainless Steel construction.
  • Weighted bottom.
  • Obtains samples from any level (not bottom).
  • 32 Oz (946 ml) Capacity.
  • Choice of 3/4" or 1.5" Opening; 3/4" for light crude oils, light lube oils, kerosene, gasoline, diesel etc. 1.5" for heavy crude and fuel oils, heavy lube oils, non transparent gas oils.
  • Includes carry handle
  • Includes chained (brass) cork.

Simply attach two ropes, one to lower the vessel and one to snatch the cork, pull the snatch line at the desired depth.

Part NumberCapacity Oz (ml)Body MaterialSealOpeningOutside Diameter in. (cm)Overall Length in. (cm)Shipping Weight lb. (Kg)
K2760032 (946)CopperCork3/4"TBCTBC6 (2.7)
K2761032 (946)CopperCork1.5"TBCTBC6 (2.7)
K2760132 (946)Stainless SteelCork3/4"TBCTBC6 (2.7)

Samplers can either be lowered with a specialised hand-winch, for smooth and clean operation, or, more crudely, with a length of cotton rope, cotton is used because it is chemically resistant to all fuels, any also fibre that enters the fuel will not harm it, what with fuel filters being made from cotton fibre also. Rope can be found in the options below, priced per metre.

For sample analysis of H.Res (Diesel Bug), bacteria, and fungi, Oilybits recommend ECHA Microbiology, Microbmonitor2 Microbial Culture Test Kits. For information and to order please click the image below;

Commodity Codes
Sampling Vessels90328900
Cotton Rope52071000

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