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Loctite 55, PTFE Thread
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Loctite 55, PTFE Thread Sealant

Loctite 55 is a new, faster, more versatile pipe sealant which out-dates traditional tapes and hemp/pastes combinations. It therefore enables the improvements required of todays pipe systems

It instantly seals (irrespective of ambient temperature) domestic and industrial pipe systems during their assembly. Can be safely and confidently used with drinking or waste water (hot and cold), gas, compressed air, and industrial oils. Use it wherever you used tapes and hemp/pastes in the past.

Loctite 55 can be used for metals and plastic threaded fittings

150m Spool


Potable water: Loctite 55 is WRC listed for use with potable water up to 85 Celcuis, meets BS 6920. It carries the KTW recommendation for cold and hot water.

Gas and water: Loctite 55 carries EN751-2 Class ARp, DVGW approval, together with DIN 30660.

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