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Oilybits Water Seeker
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Oilybits Water Seekers

The Oilybits Water Seeker is a low cost preventative measure and solution to the common problem of water contaminated fuel tanks.

Condensation occurs in most fuel tanks and can cause corrosion or poor engine or burner starting. The Water Seeker has been developed to remove this water, and to prevent further accumulation of water

Super Absorbent Polymer with Cloth Sack & Mesh Filter Containment

Instructions for use:

1. Select the correct sized Water Seeker for your application (3 Sizes Available). Select the biggest Water Seeker that will fit through your oil tanks access hatch or filler point
2. Ensure there are no sources of ignition near the fuel tank before opening
3. Lower the Water Seeker into the tank using the attached Nylon cord until it reaches the bottom of the tank and lays flat, the cord will go slack at this point. As water is more dense than fuel, this is where any water will have accumulated
4. Ensure the Nylon cord is tied securely to something so that it can be used to retrieve the Water Seeker
5. Check your Water Seeker monthly and replace every three months (when the Water Seeker has absorbed its full capacity of water, the red sack will have filled the inside of the plastic cage)
6. Ensure the Water Seeker does not obstruct any outlets or sender units in the fuel tank, this is most important in moving vehicles, such as boats
7. Dispose of Water Seeker in accordance with local regulations, normally the Water Seeker should be disposed of as if it were Waste Fuel Oil.

Product is not reuseable, and must be discarded accordingly once it is spent

Part NumberDimensions D x LMax Water AbsorbtionProduct Weight
WS014.4 cm x 30 cm269 ml125 g
WS025.6 cm x 30 cm489 ml155 g
WS0310 cm x 30 cm1590 ml270 g
Commodity Code
Water Seekers (code based on the fabric bag)56031290

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