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Parker Velcon, Aquacon ACI Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor Cartridges
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Parker Velcon, Aquacon ACI Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor Cartridges


Patented Aquacon Filter Cartridges have a unique high-capacity inner absorbent medium which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this medium.

When a cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordian pleats swell and cause an increase in the differential pressure whch signals the operator to change the cartridge.

Solid contaminants are removed by the cartridges particulate filter media layers. The pleated accordian style design provides a large surface area for maximum dirt holding capacity. Models are offered for particle size filtration down to 0.5 Micron size with 98% plus efficiency. Performance is not affected by the presence of common active surface agents.

Free and emulsified water removal to less than 5ppm

  • 0.5 Micron particle removal @ 985 Nom. Efficiency, suitable for Jet-A1 & AvGas
  • Provides protection against "slugs" of water
  • Pressure increase signals need for cartridge change
  • Not affected by surface-active agents
  • Replace existing coalescers into-plane filter separator vessels
  • Replace cartridge when differential pressure exceeds 25 PSId
  • NOT for use with fuels that are pre-mixed with Anti-Icing Additives (FSII)
  • Inside-to-outside flow pattern
  • ACI burst strength exceeds 175PSId. If F/S vessel coalescer checkplate or manifold is not certified to 15 Bar / 220 PSI strength, a differential pressure limiting device, set from 25-30 PSId should be installed on the filter/separator vessel.
  • The Parker Velcon ACI open-end and threaded-base Aquacon cartridges have been qualified to EI 1583, the "Energy Institute Specifications and Qaulification Procedures for Aviation Fuel Monitors with Absorbent Type Elements"
  • The ACI-6**01P open end and ACI-6**01PTB threaded-base Aquacon elements are intended to be installed in the final filter / separator vessel in place of coalescers for more protection against dirt and water downstream.
  • Length does not include the 1" bolt for the ACI-6**01PTB threaded base ACI's
  • Drain vessels equipped with the ACI Aquacon cartridges on a daily basis from an upstream drain to ensure upstream water is removed to prolong element life.
ACI Cartridge Selection Table
Model NumberMicron RatingOutside Dia. (in.)LengthEnd Cap StyleCollapse Pressure (PSI)Max. Flow Rate (US GPM)Max. Op. Temp.Interchange Information
ACI-61401P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency614,1/23,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId58250°F / 121.1°CCC-N18, CA14-3, CA14-9
ACI-61401PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency614Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId56250°F / 121.1°CCC-N18SB, CA14-3SB, CA14-9SB
ACI-62201P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency622,1/43,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId89250°F / 121.1°CCC-K2, CC-K28, CA22-3, CA22-9
ACI-62201PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency622Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId88250°F / 121.1°CCC-K28SB, CA22-3SB, CA22-9SB
ACI-62901P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency628,3/43,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId115250°F / 121.1°CCC-N28, CA28-3, CA28-9
ACI-62901PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency627,15/16Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId111250°F / 121.1°CCC-N28SB, CA28-3SB, CA28-9SB
ACI-63301P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency633,1/43,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId133250°F / 121.1°CCC-K38, CA33-3, CA33-9
ACI-63301PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency633Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId132250°F / 121.1°CCC-K38SB, CA33-3SB, CA33-9SB, Has NSN: 4330-01-439-2314
ACI-63301FP0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency633,3/82"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId133250°F / 121.1°CFaudi F. 1-842 (1.066.020)
ACI-63801P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency638,1/43,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId153250°F / 121.1°CCC-K38-1, CA38-3, CA38-9
ACI-63801PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency638Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId152250°F / 121.1°CCC-K38SB-1, CA38-3SB, CA38-9SB
ACI-64401P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency643,1/43,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId173250°F / 121.1°CCC-N38, CA43-3, CA43-9
ACI-64401PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency644Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId176250°F / 121.1°CCC-N38SB, CA43-3SB, CA43-9SB
ACI-65601P0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency6573,1/2"ID Open EndsExceeds 250 PSId228250°F / 121.1°CCC-N48, CA56-3, CA56-9
ACI-65601PTB0.5 @ Nom. 98% Efficiency656,1/16Screw Base / BlindExceeds 250 PSId224250°F / 121.1°CCC-N48SB, CA56-3SB, CA56-9SB

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