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Parker Velcon, CDF Series Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor Cartridges
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Parker Velcon, CDF Series Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor Cartridges


Field Proven: CDF Replacement Cartridges Assure Clean Dry Fuel Delivery

The Parker Velcon CDF P Series cartridges provide superior performance and reliability in standard fuel monitor housings throuhg a unique combination of media that absorbs water and filters solids that might be present in the fuel while helping reduce static charge build-up inside the vessel.

The injection moulded end caps bond with the media and with the O'ring seal on the outlet end, this minimises the possibility of bypassing contaminated fuel or transmission of water from downstream at low flow rates.

As the cartridge removes water and/or contaminant from the inflowing fuel the pressure differential will increase along with a decrease in flow rate. These changes are the result of flow restriction caused by dirt retention or water absorbtion in the media. the rate of these changes depends on the quantity of the water or contamination in the fuel.

CDF cartridges are packed in 20 per carton.

The Parker Velcon CDF P Series cartridges incorporate several structural features designed to meet the requirements of EI 1583 6th Edition including;

  • Increased product conductivity to decrease risk of electrostatic discharges
  • Improved media structure to lower the risk of media migration
  • Lower initial DP - a major factor for installations that require changing cartridges at 15 PSId
  • New structure that provides longer cartridge life in the presence of small amounts of water
  • 0.5 Micron particle removal, suitable for Jet-A1 & AvGas
  • Water slug test at low flow (10% of rated flow)
  • Pressure increase signals need for cartridge change
  • Salt resistance tests, improved salt water performance
  • Tests for SAP migration
  • Structural integrity test
  • Low water (50 ppmv) at low flow (10% of rated flow)
  • Testing for cartridge conductivity
  • Replace cartridge when differential pressure exceeds 25 PSId
  • NOT for use with fuels that are pre-mixed with Anti-Icing Additives (FSII)
  • Typical water holding capacity for CDF-230P is 120ml
  • For service life information, please refer to operating procedures VEL1839 or colsult your company fuel handling procedures

Current Production is Suffix 'P'.

CDF Cartridge Selection Table
Model NumberMicron RatingOutside Dia. (in.)LengthEnd Cap StyleCollapse Pressure (PSI)Max. Flow Rate (US GPM)Max. Op. Temp.Facet EquivalentFaudi Equivalent
CDF-205P0.5 5,13/16"Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic175 PSId5250°F / 121.1°CFG-205 (-3, -4, or -6) GNG-205M.2-134 (/4 OR /E)
CDF-210P0.5 10,13/16"Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic175 PSId10250°F / 121.1°CFG-210 (-3, -4, or -6) GNG-210M.2-261 (/4 OR /E)
CDF-215P0.5 15,13/16"Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic175 PSId15250°F / 121.1°CFG-215 (-3, -4, or -6) GNG-215M.2-387 (/4 OR /E)
CDF-220P0.5 20,13/16"Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic175 PSId20250°F / 121.1°CFG-220 (-3, -4, or -6) GNG-220M.2-515 (/4 OR /E)
CDF-225P0.5 25,13/16"Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic175 PSId25250°F / 121.1°CFG-225 (-3, -4, or -6) GNG-225M.2-642 (/4 OR /E)
CDF-230P0.5 30,13/16"Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic175 PSId30250°F / 121.1°CFG-230 (-3, -4, or -6) GNG-230M.2-770 (/4 OR /E)

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