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Pedrollo MC Double Channel Submersible Pumps for Sewage
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Pedrollo MC Double Channel Submersible Pumps for Sewage

MC submersible pumps are suitable for draining dirty water and sewage in domestic and civil applications. They come equipped with a double-channel stainless steel impeller and are capable of pumping liquids containing short fi bred suspended solids up to Ø 50 mm. They are ideal for pumping sewage water, waste water, surface water and water mixed with mud in locations such as holiday homes and detached homes. These pumps distinguish themselves for their reliability, which can be best appreciated under automatic operating conditions in fixed installations.

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Wetted Components
Pump BodyCast Iron
Impellor CaseCast Iron
Impellor Case SealNBR
Motor Shaft SealNBR
VanesNot Present
Vane SpringsNot Present
Rotor / Gear / ImpellorStainless Steel 304
Shaft Key / NutStainless Steel 304
Motor ShaftStainless Steel 304
Bypass Valve PistonNot Present
Bypass Valve SpringNot Present
Voltage / Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
kW1.1 - 3
Duty CycleContinuous
Cable Length5m or 10m
Bypass Valve Y/NN
Max Flow1600 l/min
Discharge Pressure2.5 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry)None
Max Suction Lift (Wet)Submersed
Inlet Fitting2.5" or 3", Consult PDF Below
Outlet Fitting2.5" or 3", Consult PDF Below
Max Particle Tolerance50mm or 70mm, Consult PDF Below
Max Liquid Temp+40C
Min Liquid Temp 
Max Room Temp 
Min Room Temp 
Thermal Protection Y/NY
Ingress ProtectionIPX8
Options Available
Pedrollo Part NumberSingle-PhaseThree-PhaseCable LengthkWH(meters)l/min
48SGM2B10A1UMCm10/45 10m0.75  
48SGM2B10AU MC10/4510m0.75  
48SGM1A0A1UMCm10/50 10m0.75  
48SGM1A0A1MCm10/50 5m0.75  
48SGM1A0AU MC10/5010m0.75  
48SGM1A0A MC10/505m0.75  
48SGM01A0A1UMCm12/50 10m1.1  
48SGM01A0AU MC12/5010m1.1  
48SGM2B20A1UMCm15/45 10m1  
48SGM2B20AU MC15/455m1  
48SGM93C0A1MCm 15/50 10m1.11 - 14800 - 100
48SGM93C0A MC 15/5010m1.11 - 14800 - 100
48SGM93B0A1MCm 20/50 10m1.51 - 16900 - 100
48SGM93B0A MC 20/5010m1.51 - 16900 - 100
48SGM93A0A1MCm 30/50 + PANEL 10m2.22 - 221000 - 100
48SGM93A0A MC 30/5010m2.22 - 221000 - 100
48SGM94050A MC 40/5010m34 - 241100 - 200
48SGM947AA1MCm 30/70 + PANEL 10m2.22 - 141600 - 200
48SGM947AA MC 30/7010m2.22 - 141600 - 200
48SGM94070A MC 40/7010m34 - 151600 - 200

Download Pedrollo MC 45 - 50Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo MC 45 - 50Hz PDF

Download Pedrollo MC 45 - 60Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo MC 45 - 60Hz PDF

Download Pedrollo MC 60-70 - 50Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo MC 60-70 - 50Hz PDF

Download Pedrollo MC 60-70 - 60Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo MC 60-70 - 60Hz PDF

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