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Pentek, Pentair ChlorPlus Filter Elements
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Pentek, Pentair ChlorPlus Filter Elements

Offered in both granular carbon and block options are the range of Chloramine reduction cartrdiges from Pentair.

Pentair Pentek ChlorPlus carbon block cartridges help reduce sediment while providing greater chloramine performance capacities than granular carbon. They also significantly reduce the carbon fines found in many granular canisters.

The CRFC20-BB heavy duty radial flow cartridge measures 4.5" in diameter and 20" long, which is ideal for higher flow rate and capacity applications. This cartridge incorporates a 70–micron porous polypropylene outer shell and a spun polypropylene-wrapped core. The bed of granular activated carbon (GAC) between the outer shell and core creates a unique radial flow design which effectively removes chloramine, has a low pressure drop, and helps to reduce fines commonly seen in GAC-style cartridges.

All of these cartridges utilize advanced activated carbon technology which allows superior chloramine and chlorine reduction. The range of sizes and capacities offered makes them ideal for both point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU) applications.

  • Superior chloramine and chlorine reduction
  • Unique design reduces carbon fines in filtered water
  • Ideal for POE or POU applications
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Granular Carbon - CRFC

Targeting chloramines for over 250,000 litres, the CRFC-20BB radial flow design ofers the benefits of granular carbon designs.

Carbon Block - ChlorPlus

The ChlorPlus in its block configuaration, reduces chloramine levels to below the guideline 0.1 ppm from a 1 ppm feed for over 26,000 litres in its standard 10" configuarartion. As a pre-filter in renal applications, these cartridges are the perfect choice for extending membrane life, primarily due to the absense of carbon fines, which are a common by product of granular carbons.

Technical Information
Product CodeMicron

Chlorine Reduction (litres)

2ppm to 0.5 ppm

Chlorine Reduction (litres)

 1ppm to 0.1 ppm

Chlorine Reduction (litres)

3ppm to 0.5ppm

Length (")
ChlorPlus-101189,20026,2009,4509 3/4
ChlorPlus-10BB1946,35036,80013,2509 1/4
CRFC-10BB20378,450125,00045,4009 1/4

When replacing elements in filter housings with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O Ring

Download Pentair Chlorplus - Specifications PDFDownload Pentair Chlorplus - Specifications PDF

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