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Piusi BP3000 & BP3000 Inline, DC Vane Pump
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Piusi BP 3000 & BP 3000 Inline, DC Vane Pumps

Positive displacement, self priming, rotary electric vane pumps for the transfer of diesel fuel, fitted with an internal bypass valve for prevention of hose ruptures when the pump is running against a closed nozzle

Powerful, dependable and economical, they are available with 12vDC and 24vDC electric motors. Thanks to their compact size, ease of installation, dependabaility and safety, these pumps are used as the primary system on earth-moving vehicles or in construction yards

Formerly Known as the "Bypass 3000", this is the new version.


BP 3000 "Flanged" Is NOT supplied with threads in ports or any flanges, only bare 3/4" holes, basic 3/4" hose tail flanges are optional extra PN F17124000 - 2 tails per pack.

BP 3000 "BSP Threaded" is supplied with 3/4"BSP female threaded ports.

Technical specifications

  • cast iron pump body finfished with anti-corrosion paint
  • Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes
  • By-pass valve incorporated with permanent magnet stator
  • Motor protection grade 1P55
  • Used in intermittent service with 30 minute on/off work cycles
  • Pump attachment support bracket
Performance - Piusi BP 3000 & BP 3000 Inline
Piusi Part Number - BP 3000 Vertical (Flanged) F00342000 F00347000
Piusi Part Number - BP 3000 Horizontal (Flanged) F00357000 F00358000
Piusi Part Number - BP 3000 Horizontal (BSP Threaded) F00357500 F00358500
Voltage / Frequency 12vDC 24vDC
Amps 24 13
RPM 2900 2900
Duty Cycle 30 Minute 30 Minute
Cable Length None None
Bypass Valve Y/N Y Y
Max Flow 50 lpm 50 lpm
Discharge Pressure 1.6 Bar 1.6 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry) 3.0 m 3.0 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet) 3.0 m 3.0 m
Inlet Fitting 1"BSP 1"BSP 
Outlet Fitting 1"BSP 1"BSP
Max Particle Tolerance 100 Micron 100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp 57°c 57°c
Min Liquid Temp    
Max Room Temp 40°c 40°c
Min Room Temp    
Thermal Protection Y/N Y Y
Max Liquid Viscosity Diesel Diesel
Ingress Protection IP55 IP55

Download Piusi Bypass 3000, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi Bypass 3000, Datasheet PDF

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