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Piusi BP3000 Vantage, DC Vane Pump
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Piusi BP3000 Vantage, DC Vane Pumps

DC Fuel Transfer Pumps for plant equipment, featuring new innovations in design and compact size, incorporating a new level of pump intelligence allowing the pump to monitor its own activity and performance.

Studies have shown that in the majority of cases, fuel-transfer pumps break down because of improper handling by users, including exessive or extreme use, accidental start-ups, or simple carelessness, that can leave the pump running for hours on end. Breakdowns translate into loss of time and money while waiting for the pump to be repaired, and these difficulties are overcome with Vantage, thanks to new internationally patented technology, Vantage automatically prevents situations from becoming critical.

Unique Features 

  • Continuous duty brushless electric motor, fully protected by amperage and temperature
  • ON/OFF switch integrated with remote option
  • Direct connection to level switch
  • LED's for working status monitoring
  • Local file with events memory
Wetted Components
Pump BodySteel
Impellor CaseCast Iron
Impellor Case SealNBR
Motor Shaft SealNBR
VanesAcetyl Resin
Vane SpringsNot Present
Rotor / Gear / ImpellorSintered Steel
Shaft Key / NutSteel
Motor ShaftSteel
Bypass Valve PistonAcetyl Resin
Bypass Valve SealNBR
Bypass Valve SpringStainless Steel
Piusi Part NumberF0033700AF0033801A
Voltage / Frequency12vDC24vDC
Duty CycleSelf-controlled, slows when hotSelf-controlled, slows when hot
Cable LengthN/AN/A
Bypass Valve Y/NYY
Max Flow (Open)40 lpm60 lpm
Discharge Pressure  
Max Suction Lift (Dry)2 m2 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet)4 m4 m
Inlet Fitting3/4" Push Fit (NOT THREADED) + Flange3/4" Push Fit (NOT THREADED) + Flange
Outlet Fitting3/4" Push Fit (NOT THREADED) + Flange3/4" Push Fit (NOT THREADED) + Flange
Max Particle Tolerance100 Micron100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp57°57°
Min Liquid Temp  
Max Room Temp40°40°
Min Room Temp  
Thermal Protection Y/NY, Plus Run-Dry ProtectionY, Plus Run-Dry Protection
Max Liquid ViscosityDieselDiesel
Ingress ProtectionIP55IP55

Shown below, special fittings from Piusi (Optional Extras listed in options below);

Shown below, software interface with on board memory;

Download Piusi Vantage DC, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi Vantage DC, Datasheet PDF

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