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Piusi Drum Viscomat, Oil Dispensing System
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Piusi Drum Viscomat, Oil Dispensing System

Oil transfer units for non commercial use. Easily connected to drums via a quick 2"BSP coupling

Fitted with telescopic suction tube for direct connection to fuel drums.

Some models are fitted with mechanical meters to ensure precise dispensing and control of single user consumption.

Voltage / Frequency12vDC, 24vDC, 110vAC50Hz, 230vAC50Hz
Duty CycleDC 20 Minutes, AC Continuous
Cable Length2 m
Bypass Valve Y/NY
Max Flow28 lpm (Viscomat 70 M Version)
Discharge PressureVarious, consult pump specifications
Max Suction Lift (Dry)1.0 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet)2.0 m
Inlet Fitting1/2" BSP
Outlet Fitting1/2" BSP
Max Particle Tolerance100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp57°c
Min Liquid Temp 
Max Room Temp40°c
Min Room Temp 
Thermal Protection Y/NY
Max Liquid ViscosityMotor Oil
Ingress ProtectionIP55
Options Available
Part NumberDescriptionForNozzleMeterPumpVoltagelpmHose LengthWeight (kg)
F0026102DDrum Viscomat 200/2 110v50-60HzOilEasyoilNoneViscomat 200/2 Gear110v50-60Hz94 m18
F0026100DDrum Viscomat 200/2 230v50-60HzOilEasyoilNoneViscomat 200/2 Gear230v50-60Hz94 m18
F0026200DDrum Viscomat 200/2 230v50-60Hz K400OilEasy K400K400Viscomat 200/2 Gear230v50-60Hz94 m18
F00268000Drum Viscomat 60/1 12v DCOilEasyoilNoneViscomat DC Gear12vDC44 m9
F00268010Drum Viscomat 60/1 24v DC K400OilEasy K400K400Viscomat DC Gear24vDC44 m9
000270000Drum Viscomat 70 M 230v50HzOilSelf 3000NoneViscomat 70 Vane230v50-60Hz284 m18
000270000TDrum Viscomat 70 M 110v50-60HzOilSelf 3000NoneViscomat 70 Vane110v50-60Hz284 m18
000270010Drum Viscomat 70 M 230v50Hz K33OilSelf 3000K33Viscomat 70 Vane230v50-60Hz284 m21

Download Piusi Drum Viscomat Gear - Brochure PDFDownload Piusi Drum Viscomat Gear - Brochure PDF

Download Piusi Drum Viscomat Vane - Brochure PDFDownload Piusi Drum Viscomat Vane - Brochure PDF

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