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Piusi Garda DC Gear Pump
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Piusi Garda DC Gear Pump

Garda DC, or Garda 1 and Garda 2, is a transfer pump specific for certain types of fluids such as diesel, oil and water. Available in the DC version, the Garda DC transfer pump is specifically designed for marine applications, in which it is necessary to transfer from a drum or a tank.

The Garda DC pump, suitable for the transfer of diesel, water and oil, is characterized by a gear pump that ensures greater power during transfer, if the liquid to be dispensed has a low to medium viscosity. Another characteristic of the Garda DC electric pump is that it is self-priming, which ensures a high degree of suction and makes it suitable for the transfer of non-corrosive lubricating oils or viscous liquids.

The shaft in stainless steel and the internal gears completely in bronze or Teflon guarantee the robust structure of the electric pump for the transfer of diesel, water and oil. Built for continuous use, Garda DC does not require specific positions for installation and can be installed in any position, without the risk of any problem of motor overheating as it is complete with thermal protection.

With a pressure of up to 3.5 bar and a flow rate of up to 10 l/min Garda DC is the oil, diesel and water transfer pump suitable for various applications.

Piusi Part NumberDescriptionMax Flow Rate (lpm)VoltageAmpsDutyMax Pressure (Bar)Ports
NMT450000AGarda 1 12v8121230 on / 30 off1.53/8" BSP
NMT450001AGarda 1 24v824630 on / 30 off1.53/8" BSP
NMT450002AGarda 2 12v10121930 on / 30 off3.53/8" BSP
NMT450003AGarda 2 24v10241030 on / 30 off3.53/8" BSP
NMT460000AGarda 2 12v C/W 2m Cable & Clips10121930 on / 30 off3.53/8" BSP
NMT460001AGarda 2 24v C/W 2m Cable & Clips10241030 on / 30 off3.53/8" BSP

Download Piusi Garda DC Gear Pump - Brochure PDFDownload Piusi Garda DC Gear Pump - Brochure PDF

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