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Piusi Self Service MC, Electronic Fuel Management System
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Piusi Self Service MC, Electronic Fuel Management System

Diesel fuel dispensers with multi-user meter

A new dispenser that features a compact and lowered version for fitting directing on the tank with a versatile elctronic head. The dispensers compact and sturdy structure include easy access to the internal parts for maintenance with a hinged front door complete with lock.

The dispensers are equipped with

  • A high capacity pump ensuring fast filling
  • A high-precision meter
  • A water apsorbtion filter, which can be fitted both inside and outside to ensure the quality of the dispensing product

The electronic control is able to control up to 80 users, including by magnetic key. PC link up permits exporting performed dispensing operation data, to organise and control these according to need with the possibility of further transferring the data into a separate file

Performance Specifications

  • Pre-selection dispensing +/- 0.5% precision within the flow-rate range
  • Able to conrol 80 users
  • Local memory up to the last 255 perfromed dispensing operations
  • Possibility of entering vehicle registration number and kilometres (odometer)
  • Dispensing date and time control
  • Possibility of linking to PC and exporting data at a distance of up to 1000 m
  • Minimum tank level pump stop
  • Magnetic key for user recognition
Wetted Components
Pump Body Cast Iron
Impellor Case Cast Iron
Impellor Case Seal Viton
Motor Shaft Seal Viton
Vanes Acetyl
Vane Springs Spring Steel
Rotor / Gear / Impellor Cast Iron
Shaft Key / Nut Cast Iron
Motor Shaft Cast Iron
Bypass Valve Piston Acetyl
Bypass Valve Seal Viton
Bypass Valve Spring Spring Steel
Voltage / Frequency 230v
kW Various 0.90 - 1.55
RPM 2900
Duty Cycle 20 Minutes
Cable Length None
Bypass Valve Y/N Y
Max Flow 90 lpm
Discharge Pressure 1.6 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry) 3.0 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet) 3.0 m
Inlet Fitting 1.5" BSP
Outlet Fitting 1" BSP
Max Particle Tolerance 100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp 57°c
Min Liquid Temp  
Max Room Temp 40°c
Min Room Temp  
Thermal Protection Y/N Y
Max Liquid Viscosity Diesel
Ingress Protection IP55
Options Available
Single Phase 230v Version Description Filter Micron Rating Meter Pump kW (230v) lpm
F0073801C Column Self Service 70 MC F 30 + Water K600 Panther 72 0.90 70
F0074101C Column Self Service 100 MC F 30 + Water K600 E120 1.15 90
F00738060 Column Self Service 70 MC F Printer* 30 + Water K600 Panther 72 0.90 70
F00738B0C Tank Self Service 70 MC Tank Not Present K44 Panther 72 0.90 70
F00741B0C Tank Self Service 100 MC Tank Not Present K600 E120 1.15 90
F14144040 Software Kit, CD, Manager Key Reader, USB Adaptor
R15904000 10* User Keys - YELLOW (Colour must match colour originally supplied with machine)
R12496000 1* Manager Key - RED

Download Piusi Self Service MC, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi Self Service MC, Datasheet PDF

Download Piusi Self Service Instruction Manual PDFDownload Piusi Self Service Instruction Manual PDF

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