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Piusi ST Box, Fuel Dispensing System
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Piusi ST Box, Fuel Dispensing System

The ST Box diesel dispenser is a complete solution& consisting of an antistatic hose for diesel and an automatic dispensing nozzle. The pump guarantees a high flow rate of up to 85 l/min and the mechanical flow meter ensures that the user can monitor the quantity of fuel dispensed. The water filter allows users to maintain the quality of the fluid dispensed, avoiding harmful contamination for the vehicle. The low noise level, less than 75 dB, makes ST BOX usable in any environment.


The Pro version is equipped with Access 85, an electronic device capable of managing access to the dispensing system, thanks to the personal user key. To keep the fuel level inside the tank monitored, it is possible to install a level probe which, connected to Access 85, prohibits dispensing in the event of a low fluid level. Access 85 features a protection timer that turns the pump off after 10 minutes. This makes the system safe and reliable in case of prolonged fuel dispensing.

The Pro version includes the supply of 4 already configured user keys.

Product Options
Part NumberDescriptionPumpFlow RateMotorFlow MeterFilterNozzleHose LengthWeightDimensions
F00365020ST Box Panther 56 BasicPiusi Panther 5656 LPM230v 50HzPiusi K33NoneAutomatic A606m36 kg563 x 582 x 308
F00365050ST Box E120 BasicPiusi E12085 LPM230v50HzPiusi K44NoneAutomatic A1208m50 kg590 x 340 x 720
F00365010ST Box Panther 72 ProPiusi Panther 7272 LPM230v 50HzPiusi K33NoneAutomatic A806m40 kg563 x 582 x 308
Part NumberDescription
F00611A00Water Absorbing Filter Element
F17121000Level Control Probe (Immersed through top of tank)
R12496000Manager Key (1) RED for Pro Version
R15904000Additional User Keys (10) YELLOW for Pro Version

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