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Piusi Visco Flowmat, High Viscosity Gear Pump with Pressure Switch
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Piusi Visco-Flowmat, High Viscosity Gear Pump with Pressure Switch

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This range of Piusi Viscomat Gear Pumps, with pressure switches are designed to satisfy the requirements for deliveries with a constant flow self-priming pump with automatic switch-off at the end of delivery. The unit consists of an internal gear pump with AC motor, integrated with a pressure switch

The motor is switched on automatically when the nozzle opens. At the end of delivery the pump continues to operarate dor a few seconds in order to permit topping up if necessary and then switches off. The performance of the gear pump guarantees good flow rates with high pressures, no pulsing, regular flow and near silent operation. The pressure switch activates the pump when a minimum pressure is reached and switches the pump off when a maximum pressure is reached, below the pump by-pass pressure. The pressure switch is also provided with a safety valve which limits the maximum system pressure to 10 Bar / 145 PSI

The unit combines the typical characteristics of gear pumps with the simplicity and convenience of being able to activate the pump without worrying about switching the motor on and off at the power switch. It can be used both for feeding single delivery points, also with reel, and on fixed distribution systems

Performance - Piusi Visco-Flowmat
Piusi Part NumberF0030200DF0030201DF0030204DF0030205DF0030206DF0030210D
Voltage / Frequency230vAC 50Hz120vAC 60Hz230vAC 50Hz120vAC 50Hz230vAC 50Hz120vAC 50HZ
Duty CycleContinuousContinuousContinuousContinuousContinuousContinuous
Cable LengthNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Bypass Valve Y/NYYYYYY
Max Flow9 lpm9lpm14pm14 lpm9 lpm9 lpm
Discharge Pressure12 Bar12 Bar16 Bar16 Bar25 Bar25 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry)NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Max Suction Lift (Wet)NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Inlet Fitting1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP
Outlet Fitting1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP1" BSP
Max Particle Tolerance100 Micron100 Micron100 Micron100 Micron100 Micron100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius
Min Liquid Temp      
Max Room Temp40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius40 Celcius
Min Room Temp      
Thermal Protection Y/NYYYYYY
Max Liquid Viscosity2000 cSt2000 cSt2000 cSt2000 cSt2000 cSt2000 cSt
Ingress ProtectionIP55IP55IP55IP55IP55IP55

Download Piusi Visco Flowmat, Brochure PDFDownload Piusi Visco Flowmat, Brochure PDF

Download Piusi Visco Flowmat, User Manual PDFDownload Piusi Visco Flowmat, User Manual PDF

Download Piusi Visco Flowmat, Spares PDFDownload Piusi Visco Flowmat, Spares PDF

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