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Stem Thermometer / Temperature Gauge, Brass Pocket
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Stem Thermometer / Temperature Gauge, Brass Pocket

Top quality, very accurate Stem Thermometers, ideal for pressurised vessels or for mounting in any pipework using a tee, or cross.

The gauges are so accurate as the thermowell enables the actual sensor mechanism of the gauge to protrude into the liquid itself from the pipe wall to 50mm. The thermowell is liquid & pressure tight, and so should the gauge need replacing it is just slid out of the thermowell and a replacement gauge slid in - no tools required, and no production downtime.

Nominal Size60 mm, 80 mm, or 100 mm (Nominal)
RangeTemp Option A = -30 to +50°C
Temp Option B = 0 to +60°C
Temp Option C = 0 to +120°C
Scales°C Only (Black) for 0 to 60°C & 0 to +120°C ranges
°C Only (Red/Black) for -30 to +50°C range
Case304 Stainless Steel
Probe MaterialBrass
Probe Length50 mm as standard (100mm on request)
Probe Diameter9 mm
Pocket Material (Brass 50mm Pocket Supplied as standard)Brass or Copper
Pocket Length50 mm or 100 mm (Including Hex)
Pocket Diameter (Internal)10 mm
Pocket Diameter (External)12.5 mm
Pocket ThreadBSPT (BSP Taper Male)
WindowInstrument Glass
Dial LegendStoved Enamel on Aluminium
MovementPrecision Bi-Metal Spiral
AccuracyEC Class 2 (UNI EN 13190:2003); Typical ±1.6%, Specified ±2.5%
Ingress ProtectionIP 40 as per EN 60529

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