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Technoton DFM Pulse-Out Meter, for Engine Fuel Consumption
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Technoton DFM Engine Fuel Consumption Pulse-Out Meters


Excellent quality, Engine Fuel Consumption PULSE Meters, for monitoring engine fuel usage, or for other low flow applications where a pulse meter is required

Suitable for all fuel oils, providing the fuel is clean, can be used with;

  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Kerosene
  • Heating Oil
  • Other Petroleum Deriviates
  • Biodiesel
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Fuel Blends
  • Fuel Substitutes

4 Different types of signal output (denoted by suffix):

  • P - Pulse - Not Normalised
  • K - Pulse - Normalised
  • 232 - Serial - RS-232 (Can also be set to work according to MODBUS RTU Protocol)
  • 485 - Serial - RS-485 (Can also be set to work according to MODBUS RTU Protocol)
  • CAN - CAN 2.0B Interface

OPTIONAL FITTING KIT: An adaptor kit is available which has fittings to enable connection to 3/8"BSP Male, 3/8"BSP Female, 10mm Tube Compression, and 3/8" (9.53mm) Hose Barb (All in the one kit)

3 Models available to suit different engine fuel consumption rates, referring to your vehicle manual should give some indication as to the likely flow range required

General Specification
Operating Temperatures-40 to +80 °c
Voltage10-50 vDC, Protected up to 100v
Current Consumption50ma @ 12vDC, 25ma @ 24vDC
IP RatingIP 54
Output SignalNone
Min / Max Kinematic Viscosity1.5-6.0 mm2/Sec / Centistokes
Nominal / Max Pressure2 to 25 Bar
Max Particle Tolerance80 Micron
Fitting SizeConsult Chart Below
Pulse TypeConsult Chart Below
Models Available
 Flow RangeStarting FlowConnection ThreadAccuracy within flow rangePulses Per LitreType of Output
DFM 50A K1 - 50 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200Pulse, Normalised
DFM 50A 2321 - 50 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200RS-232
DFM 50A 4851 - 50 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200RS-485
DFM 50A CAN1 - 50 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200CAN 2.0B Interface
DFM 90A P3 - 90 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±2%200Pulse, Not Normalised
DFM 100A K2 - 100 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200Pulse, Normalised
DFM 100A 2322 - 100 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200RS-232
DFM 100A 4852 - 100 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200RS-485
DFM 100A CAN2 - 100 LPH0.5 LPHM14x1.5±1%200CAN 2.0B Interface
DFM 220A P8 - 220 LPH2.0 LPHM14x1.5±2%80Pulse, Not Normalised
DFM 250A K5 - 250 LPH2.0 LPHM14x1.5±1%80Pulse, Normalised
DFM 250A 2325 - 250 LPH2.0 LPHM14x1.5±1%80RS-232
DFM 250A 4855 - 250 LPH2.0 LPHM14x1.5±1%80RS-485
DFM 250A CAN5 - 250 LPH2.0 LPHM14x1.5±1%80CAN 2.0B Interface
DFM 500A K10 - 500 LPH5.0 LPHM16x1.5±1%50Pulse, Normalised
DFM 500A 23210 - 500 LPH5.0 LPHM16x1.5±1%50RS-232
DFM 500A 48510 - 500 LPH5.0 LPHM16x1.5±1%50RS-485
DFM 500A CAN10 - 500 LPH5.0 LPHM16x1.5±1%50CAN 2.0B Interface

Shown Below, Installation Diagram, Meter Fitted Before Pump (Less Accurate)

Shown Below, Installation Diagram, Meter After Pump (More Accurate)

Shown Below, Optional Fitting Kit. Each DFM Fitting kit contains 2 of EACH item shown below:

Download Technoton DFM Operation Manual (All Models) PDFDownload Technoton DFM Operation Manual (All Models) PDF

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