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Toyota Hilux Mk6/7 Front & Rear Diff Breather Extension System
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Toyota Hilux, Mk6 Front & Rear Diff Breather Extension System

Designed for the Mk6-Mk7 KUN25 / KUN26 Hilux, but may be suitable for other models of Toyota Hilux.

Refer to PDF instructions below for full details.

The kit terminates in a Sintered Bronze Silencer which keeps out dirt better than the original valves, and allows unrestricted air-flow into the diff when rapid cooling creates a vacuum, this prevents the differentials from sucking in water through the drive shaft seals - this bronze silencer must be fitted above the water line or through the side of your air box. As standard the Toyota diff breather valves would prevent water from entering the diff through itself once it is submerged, but it will not prevent drawing of water through the drive shaft seals, also, if the breather valve fails, and allows water in, the first thing you will know is that your diff seizes up, this is avoided by allowing fast air flow into the diff from a point above the water.

The self cleaning nylon tube push-fits into the hydraulic stud through a rubber o'ring and is gripped in place automatically, creating an air and watertight seal. The nylon tube is crush and split resistant, and it will reform itself should it become crushed.

We offer two colour options - yellow tube which is highly visible, so that it can be visually checked from distance to ensure nothing is left, or becomes, disconnected, or a black version is also available in options below if this is preferred.

Other equipment in the engine bay can also be connected into this water tight system by purchasing extra tees and tube. For example, Spot Lights.

Shown Below, these are the original breathers that are replaced by using this kit, the screwed breather is the rear diff breather and has a valve in it, the two breathers with hose tails are the front diff breathers and these are not valved at all, water can enter these readily, they are capped only to stop dust falling into their hoses. The main image listing shows the two hoses which these were attached to.

Download Diff Breather Extension Kit PDFDownload Diff Breather Extension Kit PDF

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