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Zeolite Molecular Sieve Spheres, 25Kg
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Zeolite, Molecular Sieve Spheres, 25Kg

Zeolite is a natural adsorbent used in both the drying and purification of vapours, gases and liquids. The term zeolite was originally coined in 1756 by Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, who observed that upon rapidly heating the material stilbite, it produced large amounts of steam from water that had been adsorbed by the material. Based on this, he called the material zeolite, from the Greek (Zeo), meaning "to boil" and (líthos), meaning "stone".

Zeolite spheres contain billions of tiny pores of a known diameter, the way Zeolite works is by selecting a bead with a pore size smaller than the carrier liquid/gas/vapour, but larger than the liquid contaminant in that carrier liquid/gas/vapour. For example, if a Biodiesel producer wishes to use the beads to remove trace Methanol from Biodiesel, then we know that a molecule of Methanol is 3.6 Angstroms, and a molecule of Biodiesel (Methyl Esters) is much greater, and so a Sphere of 4 Angstroms - 4A, would be used, this would capture all molecules below 4 Angstroms

An Angstrom, is a unit of length equal to 1/10,000,000,000 (one ten billionth) of a meter (1×10−10 m or 100 pm). Its symbol is the Swedish letter A. Although internationally recognized, the angstrom is not formally a part of the International System of Units (SI); the closest SI unit is the nanometre (1×10−9 m). Nevertheless, the angstrom is often used in the natural sciences and technology to express the sizes of atoms, molecules, and microscopic biological structures, the lengths of chemical bonds, the arrangement of atoms in crystals, the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, and the dimensions of integrated circuit parts

When using in an enviromnent where flammable liquids, gases or vapours are present it is vitally important to earth all vessels and eliminate all ignition hazards

Zeolite will adsorb 21% of its own weight in water before it is exhausted, this is equivalent to 1 litre (750g) of 1.6-2.5mm beads adsorbing approximately 160 Mllilitres of contaminants

Zeolite in active condition will release heat when adsorbing water or other substances. If a large quantity of activated alumina quickly adsorbs water, the adsorbent can become hot enough to cause thermal burns of the skin; contact has to be avoided under these conditions. To avoid the risk of explosion in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust, you are advised to earth containers electrically when pouring. Zeolite should be handled so as to avoid generation of dusty conditions at the workplace. When Zeolite is packed in drums, please use the appropriate lifting equipment so as to avoid injury. Please refer to your national laws and regulations if further information is required

To accomodate the Spheres, a vessel is required inside which the flow passes through from one end to the other, so that the air or liquid is passed through the full body of the Spheres, maximising their effectiveness.

Technical Information
Molecular Sieve Bead3A4A10A
Sphere Size1.6-2.5 mm1.6-2.5 mm1.6-2.5 or 2.5-5.0 mm
Pore Size3 Angstrom4 Angstrom10 Angstrom
Crush Strength>25N>30NTBC
Bulk Density0.754 g/cm³0.715 g/cm³TBC
Adsorbtion Capacity20-21% (80%RH)20-21% (80%RH)TBC

We can quote for bulk consignments, shipped in IBC's or even 20/40ft Containers if required

Supplied in an active state, in an air tight steel keg, product shelf-life from date of production is only 12 months in original packaging.

The product must be commissioned immediately to maximise lifespan, as water in the air around an open canister will be rapidly adsorbed, exhausting the media

Product life once commissioned is 3-5 years, unless exhausted by saturation first. It is possible to regenerate Zeolite by baking in an oven at 950c, at which point the moisture level will be reduced to approximately 2%, though as this is extremely energy intensive, it is most often discarded, and replaced with fresh Zeolite

Shipping Info
Package TypeAirtight, Blue Steel Keg, Sealed with lead stamped wire cord
Package Dimensions40 x 40 x 38 cms
Tariff Code28421000

Download Oilybits Zeolite 3A Molecular Sieve PDFDownload Oilybits Zeolite 3A Molecular Sieve PDF

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