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ZVA SSB Break Swivel
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ZVA SSB Break Swivel

For connecting to ZVA nozzle inlets to prevent damage to hose & pump system in the event of a vehicle driving off with the nozzle in the fill point.

  • Will sheer at 150 lbs force
  • Comes complete with 'BS' Break Sleeve in a colour of your choice

Suitable For;

  • Aliphatic Hydrocarbons: Petrol/Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuels, Diesel, Fuel Oils, Kerosene

Approved for use in ATEX areas - SIRA Certificate Number 03ATEX9487U, Category - Ex II 1 G

Shown Below; Connection sequence in DN16

Break Swivel Specifictions
ModelNozzle Fitting Thread TypeBreak Sleeve Model
ZVA SSB 16M34x1.5 Metric Male for ZVA Slimline (DN16)BS 16
ZVA SSB 25M42x1.5 Metric Male for ZVA 25 (DN25)BS 21
Break Sleeve Colours
ZVA SSB ** BBlack
ZVA SSB ** GGreen
ZVA SSB ** YYellow

Download ZVA SSB 16 (Refer to Page 518) - Datasheet PDFDownload ZVA SSB 16 (Refer to Page 518) - - Datasheet PDF

Download ZVA SSB 25 (Refer to Page 526) - Datasheet PDFDownload ZVA SSB 25 (Refer to Page 526) - Datasheet PDF

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