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Braun HZ6 DR Digital Heating Oil Meter, 1.0 - 60.0 LPH
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Braun HZ6-DR Digital Pulse Meter

Oil meters, with Digital Counter & Pulser, and rugged metal exterior

Calibrated, EU Qualification Approval Number D01.5.223.03. Calibration Validity 10 Years

IMPORTANT - All meters must be fitted with a pre-filter of 100 Microns, Maximum. Ingress of particles over 100 microns may lead to wear and or jamming of the movement, and will not be covered by Warranty

Meters are supplied as standard with BSP Female threaded ports, pointing both outwards and downwards from the underside of the meter.

Pulse Output

  • Connection via screw-clamp terminals
  • Reed contact: max. 30 VDC | Imax = 6 mA
  • Rs = 4.7 K-Ohm/0.6W (observe polarity)
  • Principle: The power circuit of a counter or other registering device attached to the plus and minus terminal clamps is closed via the reed contact and 4.7 K-Ohm impedance. The input impedance should be at least 50 K-Ohm to ensure that the additional counter reaches its switching threshold.
  • Pulse value: 1 pulse = 0.02l | 50 pulses = 1l
  • Maximum frequency at 60l/h approx. 1Hz (Due to the reed contact [-debouncing-], use remote counter with dampened input)

LCD Counter

  • 6-digit with 0.1 l display resolution
  • 3V/950 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Lasts at least 9 years (depending on temperature and moisture)

Environmental Conditons

  • 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Max. 85% RH, non-condensing
  • CE-compliant electromagnetic compatibility
  • DIN EN 61326-1 2006-10 version

Function of Counter and Pulse Generator

  • The 6-digit LCD display with 6mm high figures has a display resolution of 0.1 litres (1 decimal point).
  • A built-in 3V/950 mAh lithium battery supplies power. Its operational life is approx. 9 years.
  • The internal reed contact supplies 50 pulses per litre, or 20ml per pulse, to the output clamps. The electronics in the counter turn this into a decadic value with 0.1 litres after 5 pulses in order to operate the counter.
  • Due to the 4.7 K-Ohm internal impedance, a connected remote counter should have an input impedance of at least 50 K-Ohm.
  • The mounting instructions must be observed without fail if an additional counter is connected to the output.

Suitable for Fuel Types;

  • Heating Fuel, Extra Light / Light / Medium
  • Kerosene
  • Naphtha
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Lubricating Oils
Standard Specification (Non Pulsed)
 Braun HZ6-DR
Connection ThreadsDIN 3852-X-G 1/8″ internal
Nominal Pressure25 Bar
Pressure Loss0.05 Bar to 0.2 Bar
Minimum Temperature-10 Celcius
Maximum Temperature+60 Celcius
Calibrated Maximum Flow Rate60 lph
Calibrated Minimum Flow Rate1.0 lph
Approximate Starting Flowrate1.0 lph
Pulse1 Pulse per 0.1 L / 10 PPL
To Suit Burner Power Rating10 kW to 600 kW
Maximum Permissible Error±1% of reading
Smallest Readable Amount0.01 Litres
Registration Capacity0.1 L to 9,9999.98 L
Safety Filter Mesh SizeTBC
Dirt Filter Mesh SizeTBC
Volume of Measuring ChamberTBC
Ingress ProtectionIP50
Dimensions & Weight
 Braun HZ6-DR
Weight Without Couplings600 g

Download Braun HZ6-DR Datasheet PDFDownload Braun HZ6-DR Datasheet PDF

Download Braun HZ6-DR Instructions PDFDownload Braun HZ6-DR Instructions PDF

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