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Cimtek Hydrosorb, Bio-Tek, and Particulate Filters With Head
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Cimtek Hydrosorb, Bio-Tek, and Particulate Filters, With Head

Featuring a disposable filter canister, with a cast aluminium filter head, these filters are suitable for the dispensing of petroleum fuels, biodiesel and blends, and petroleum / ethanol blends up to 10%

For filtering 100% Bio Diesel we recommend use of Cimtek Bio-Tek filters

Produced by Cimtek Filtration USA, Branded 'GPI'

Thread sealant for your choice of inlet fittings can be found in our Sealants section, we recommend either PTFE HERE, or Heldite HERE

Part Number Comparison Chart
Type Flow Rate Supply Micron Rating Head Port Sizes Nose Thread Max Pressure Cimtek Part Number GPI Part Number
Particle 50 lpm Pumped 10 1" BSP 1" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI CT70010 -
Water & Particle (Hydrosorb II) 68 lpm Pumped 10 1" BSP 1" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI CT70062 129300-02
Water & Particle (Hydrosorb II) 68 lpm Gravity 30 1" BSP 1,3/8" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI CT70066 -
Water & Particle Bio-Tek (Hydroglass) 68 lpm Pumped 2 1" BSP 1" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI CT70232 129340-04
Particle 68 lpm Pumped 10 1" BSP 1" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI CT70094 129300-01
Water & Particle (Hydrosorb II) 110 lpm Pumped 10 1" NPT 1.5" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI CT70063 129320-02
Water & Particle Bio-Tek (Hydroglass) 150 lpm Pumped 2 1" NPT 1.5" UNF 3.4 Bar / 50 PSI To Be Confirmed, Use> 129340-05

When replacing elements in filter housings with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O Ring

Also available are replacement heads, these are listed as spares in the list below. The "Nose" size is the dimension of detail - see chart above to ensure correct head is ordered.

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