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Cimtek, Spin-On Canister Type, Water and Particle Filter Elements
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Cimtek, Spin-On Canister Type, Water & Particle Filter Elements

Replacement Element Only, Filter Head Not Included

High dirt capacity disposable filter elements, suitable for the dispensing of a wide range of petroleum, bio fuels and blends

For 100% Bio Diesel use we recommend use of Cimtek Bio-Tek Filters, these filter the Biodiesel to 2 microns as recommended in EN fuel specifications

Supplied branded, unless there is no GPI/Gilbarco part number in the relevant column in which case they will be supplied branded Cimtek

Listed in order of Cimtek Part Number, Ascending:

Part Number Comparison Chart
TypeFlow RateMicron RatingFitting SizeMax PressureCimtek Part NumberCimtek Model NumberGPI Part NumberGilbarco Part Number
Particle95 lpm101"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70010300-10-K82854
Particle95 lpm301"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70012300-30--
Particle95 lpm101.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70015400-10--
Particle95 lpm301.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70016400-30--
Water & Particle Bio-Tek (Hydroglass)150 lpm101.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70024800BHG-10--
Water & Particle Bio-Tek  (Hydroglass)150 lpm21.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70037800BHG-02129340-05-
Water & Particle95 lpm11"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70039400BHA-01--
Water & Particle95 lpm301.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70043475XLHS-30--
Water & Particle68 lpm101"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70062260HS-10129300-02-
Water & Particle150 lpm101.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70063800HS-10129320-02-
Water & Particle68 lpm301 3/8"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70066260AHS-30--
Water & Particle68 lpm301"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70067260HS-30--
Water & Particle150 lpm301.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70068800HS-30--
Water & Particle95 lpm101.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70075450HS-10--
Water & Particle95 lpm301.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70076450HS-30--
Particle68 lpm101"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70094260-10129300-01-
Water & Particle95 lpm101.5"-16 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70098475XLHS-10--
Particle Bio-Tek (Microglass)95 lpm21"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70230260BMG-02--
Water & Particle Bio-Tek (Hydroglass)95 lpm21"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70232260BHG-02129340-04-
Water & Particle95 lpm101"-12 UNF3.4 Bar / 50 PSICT70236260BHG-10--

When replacing elements in filter housings with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O Ring

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