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Hippo Fuel Polishing Pot, 3 Micron Particle, plus Water Removal
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Hippo Fuel Polishing Pot, 3 Micron Particle, plus Water Removal

Cast Aluminium Bodied fuel polishing pots for use with petroleum fuels, heating oils, lubrication oils, vegetable oils, bio fuels, and blends of all

Supplied with one high capacity element, from a range of four;

Filter Options
Filter ElementSuitable forWater Removal & CapacityParticle Removal & CapacityOptimum Flowrate (lpm)
SDFCPetroleum & Bio Fuels2000 ml2kg, 3 Microns7.5
VDMW (DISCONTINUED)Petroleum & Bio Fuels2000 mlNone 
MM4627Petroleum & Bio FuelsNone2kg, 10 Micron22

The SDFC Filter is the most popular filter, and is most widely used for polishing biodiesel to remove particle and water contamination from the water washing process, as well as periodic or continuous purifying of suspect fuels in storage or vehicle fuel tanks

Both inlet and outlet fittings are located in the center of the underside of the unit, and the filter is serviced by unbolting 4 hex bolts in the top lid, which lifts off to reveal the filter, this way no spillage is created when the lid is removed

The filter is supplied as shown with a mounting bracket

Housing Specification
Material of constructionAluminium
Material FinishBlack Gloss Paint
Inlet Port3/8" BSP Female (In Center)
Oulet Port3/8" BSP Female (Off Center)

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