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Kolor Kut Modified Water Finding Paste (For Ethanol / Gasoline Blends)
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Kolor Kut Modified Water Finding Paste (For Ethanol / Gasoline Blends)

GENUINE Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste, Made in U.S.A.

For testing for the presence of miscible water in Bio-Ethanol / Gasoline blends.

Suitable only for use with Reformulated and Oxygenated Fuels, such as Ethanol, MTBE, Ether, Etc

  • Applied to a spatula and inserted into a fuel sample, the brown paste changes colour to brilliant red if it detects that miscible water is present in the fuel.
  • No expiry date, will keep best when stored between 31F and 115F
  • Tube contents 2.5oz
  • 12 tubes per full box

Factory Statement on Operational Characteristics:

In usual products such as Crude oil and gasolines, etc any water contained in the product will normally be heavier than the product itself and fall to the bottom of the tank, this is called free water and is usually detected by using the standard water paste which turns to red on contact with the free water.

Kolor Kut modified water paste has been designed for use in Methanol, Ethanol enriched fuel systems. Alcohols are soluble in fuels in all proportions when they are water-free but relatively small amounts of water can cause separation of alcohol from the fuel. The mixture settling to the bottom of the storage tank contains a high concentration of alcohol and cannot be detected be most water detection pastes.

Kolor kut modified water finding paste changes from dark brown in colour to bright red on contact with water. Phase separation, or miscible alcohol solutions with as little as 6% water will turn the paste yellow, typically if the whole depth of the fuel turns the paste yellow, the water content in the miscible ethanol is 6-10%. A thin layer should be applied to a clean dip stick/rod up to perhaps 12 to 14 inches and results could then provide a indication of phase separation. Modified water paste is brown in colour and if water is present up to 6% then when the dip tape/rod is brought up it may flash yellow then return to brown on contact with the air indicating dampness, for percentages above 6% would normally stay yellow. Pastes are single use only and any repeat dipping would require wiping clean of dip tape/rod and a fresh application of paste

If results are not conclusive then best practise would be drawing of a sample to check it's appearance and if sample is not clear or there is any doubt then laboratory testing may be necessary.

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Kolor Kut Products are generally applied using a Dipping Tape;

... or IP M14 Water Finding Rule;

Commodity Codes
Water Gauging Pastes9026108900

Download Kolor Kut - Product Range PDFDownload Kolor Kut - Product Range PDF

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