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Pedrollo Easysmall Electronic Pump Controller
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Pedrollo Easysmall Electronic Pump Controller

Flow & pressure sensing device for control and protection of single-phase pumps up to 2 HP (for domestic applications).

Easysmall starts the pump when there is a drop in system pressure (e.g. a tap opening) and stops the pump when the flow drops below 2 l/min (tap closed).

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Options Available
Pedrollo Part NumberModelkW
PE_50066/315EASYSMALL 10.75
PE_50066/415EASYSMALL 21.5

Download Pedrollo Easysmall, 50Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo Easysmall, 50Hz PDF

Download Pedrollo Easysmall, 60Hz PDFDownload Pedrollo Easysmall, 60Hz PDF

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