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Piusi Self Service K44, Fuel Dispensing System
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Piusi Self Service K44, Fuel Dispensing Systems

Free-Standing Diesel Fuel Dispenser

For faster fuel dispensing with the possibility of checking the fuel being dispensed. The quality of the fluid can also be checked thanks to the filter, eliminating any water which would otherwise be likely to damage any new generation diesel engines

An attractive but sturdy and functional bodywork, it permits easy component part maintenance and houses the nozzle holder with start and stop switch

The Service K44 models feature an easy to use high precision mechanical meter that can be easy calibrated for best accuracy by the user. The meters feature an electrical pulse (1/0) emitter (10 pulses/ litre, single channel), ideal for connecting up to external control systems

  • Flow rates from 70 to 90 l pm
  • Meter accuracy 1%
  • Continuous operation
  • Noise less than 70 dB
Wetted Components
Pump BodyCast Iron
Impellor CaseCast Iron
Impellor Case SealViton
Motor Shaft SealViton
Vane SpringsSpring Steel
Rotor / Gear / ImpellorCast Iron
Shaft Key / NutCast Iron
Motor ShaftCast Iron 
Bypass Valve PistonAcetyl
Bypass Valve SealViton
Bypass Valve SpringSpring Steel
Voltage / Frequency230v
kWVarious 0.90 - 1.55
Duty Cycle20 Minutes
Cable LengthNone
Bypass Valve Y/NY
Max Flow90 lpm
Discharge Pressure1.6 Bar
Max Suction Lift (Dry)3.0 m
Max Suction Lift (Wet)3.0 m
Inlet Fitting1.5" BSP
Outlet Fitting1" BSP
Max Particle Tolerance100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp57°c
Min Liquid Temp 
Max Room Temp40°c
Min Room Temp 
Thermal Protection Y/NY
Max Liquid ViscosityDiesel
Ingress ProtectionIP55
Options Available
Single Phase 230vVersionDescriptionFilter Micron RatingMeterPumpkW (230v)lpm
F0073701BColumnSelf Service 70 K44 F30 + WaterK44Panther 720.9070
F0074001BColumnSelf Service 100 K44 F30 + WaterK44E1201.1590
F0074002AColumnSelf Service 100 K44 PulserNot PresentK44 + PulseE1201.1590
F00737B0BTankSelf Service 70 K44 TankNot PresentK44Panther 720.9070
F00740B2BTankSelf Service 100 K44 Tank PulserNot PresentK44 + PulsePanther 720.9070
F00740B0BTankSelf Service 100 K44 TankNot PresentK44E1201.1590

Download Piusi Self Service K44, Datasheet PDFDownload Piusi Self Service K44, Datasheet PDF

Download Piusi Self Service Instruction Manual PDFDownload Piusi Self Service Instruction Manual PDF

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