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Pollak 6-Port Fuel Selector Valve
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Pollak, 6-Port Fuel Selector Valve

Genuine 'Stoneridge Company U.S.A.' Pollak Valves

Incorporates six ports including return ports, designed for use on dual-tank fuel systems for selecting the tank from which the fuel should be drawn from (and returned to)

These motorized valves are driven into position by an electric motor and are stable in either position. They only draw power for a fraction of a second during transfer. A switch in the valve shuts off the motor when the valve reaches the selected position, it then does the same in reverse when power supply is reversed across the terminals using a suitable switch (DPDT On-On)

Complete with wiring connector and installation manual, YOU WILL ALSO NEED A DPDT ON-ON CHANGEOVER SWITCH, AVAILABLE HERE

IMPORTANT - The pollak valve can only be used with clean fuel, that is FILTERED TO 10 MICRONS, and in a liquid state. Failure to observe these points will result in either 1. Dirt building up on the pistons, or 2. Solid (frozen) fuel preventing the piston from travelling - both will result in immediate failure of the control circuit which will burn out. Failure of this nature is outside of warranty and so must be avoided

Pollak Part Number42-302P
Current0.5 Amps
Recommended Fuse10 Amps
Tank to Valve Fuel Supply Tails (2)For 3/8 Inch (10 mm) ID Hose
Valve to Engine Fuel Supply Tail (1)For 3/8 Inch (10 mm) ID Hose
Engine to Valve Fuel Return Tail (1)For 5/16 Inch (8 mm) ID Hose
Valve to Tank Fuel Return Tails (2)For 5/16 Inch (8 mm) ID Hose
Mounting Holes2x 5/16 Inch Threaded Nuts, with 1 3/16 Inch Centers
Max Pressure65 PSI
Min Ambient Temperature4°c
Max Ambient/Liquid Temperature82°c
Material of ConstructionGlass Reinforced Polyester

Retail Boxed Product!

To complete your installation you may need lengths of Vegetable Oil Compatible Hose, such as our Armorvin Press PU Steel Reinforced Hose, which is conveniently available in 8mmID (5/16") and 10mmID (3/8") to match the fuel supply and return hoses in your vehicle (10mm = Supply to engine, 8mm - Return to Tank) Armorvin Press PU is available HERE

Photograph below is of a fully installed and working Pollak valve

If using in a vehicle running on SVO / WVO you should also be using a Heat Exchanger to heat the fuel entering the engine, this will help to prevent pump and injector failure. Our high performance, Stainless Steel Capillary Exchanger, pictured below, is possibly the most simple to install, lowest cost per kW of heat transfer and simple to repair exchange available:

To see a video of how a Pollak valve is installed please view the following.... particularly useful if you are converting a Landrover Defender, but the principle is the same for all vehicles

Download Pollak 6-Port Fuel Selector Valve, Catalogue Page PDFDownload Pollak 6-Port Fuel Selector Valve, Catalogue Page PDF

Download Pollak Valve Installation Sheet IS-36 REV.C PDFDownload Pollak Valve Installation Sheet IS-36 REV.C PDF

Download Pollak 2 Tank Wiring Diagram IS-41 REV.B PDFDownload Pollak 2 Tank Wiring Diagram IS-41 REV.B PDF

Download Pollak 3 Tank Wiring Diagram IS-41 REV.B PDFDownload Pollak 3 Tank Wiring Diagram IS-41 REV.B PDF

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