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Rigid PVC Suction Tube with Bottom Strainer
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Rigid PVC Suction Tube with Bottom Strainer

Available with or without a one way valve attached to the bottom strainer, this sturdy suction tube is excellent for attaching to a hose and pump, for sucking the contents from the bottom of bulk liquid storage tanks

Popular for sucking waste vegetable oil and waste motor oil from bins and drums at food / motor outlets, the compression joints are small enough to fit through standard 20L vegetable oil containers, 205L drums, and many other vessels. We recommend for thicker oils such as vegetable oil, that the version without the bottom valve is selcted as the valve increases resistance and many pumps will not be strong enough to suck through it. For fuels such as diesel the valve is recommended.

Produced from rigid PVC Tube, with HDPE Compression couplings to ensure leak tight joints, and fitted with a coarse, 800 micron strainer to prevent dirt ingress. Standard EPDM seals are mechanically encapsulated, therefore will not fail unless the liquid with which they are being used is corrosive in such a way that it dissolves them.

Supplied in 1.5m lengths, which is the maximum we can ship, this product can be shortened on site using a hacksaw. The tube is also available in lengths up to 4m for special applications, but these must be collected, please email for prices

Available with either a 1" (25mm) or 3/4" (19mm) Hose Tail, onto which a corresponding hose can be attached using a Hose Clamp

Below, with Valve

Below, Without Valve

Wetted Components
Compression JointsHDPE
Compression Joint SealsEPDM (Viton or NBR available upon request)
Foot Strainer ThreadNylon 6-6
Foot Strainer Basket316 Stainless Steel
Hose TailPolypropylene
Hose Tail Thread SealPTFE

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