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Vecom Water Finder Special Paste
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Vecom Water Finder Special Paste

Vecom Genuine Water Finder Special Paste

Colour Change: From PINK to RED

For testing for the presence of water at the bottom of fuel storage tanks

2023> Vecom is now produced with a hazard triangle on the MSDS, resulting in us being unable to ship it as we do not have hazard packaging certifications, we urge all customers to select an alternative.

Suitable only for use with Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Heavy Oil, and Lubricating Oil

Applied to a rod / length of string with bottom weight, the dark green paste changes colour to navy blue where it comes into contact with water, giving you a visual indication as to the depth of the water present. The water can then be pumped out, and the test repeated until there is insufficient water to pump, at which point one of our Water-Soakers or Oilybits Water Absorbing Polymer can be used to absorb the last of it.

In both the Energy Institute’s HM-28 page 26 and the IFIA Bulletin, both recommend that ‘two’ different water finding pastes are ‘initially’ used, so you may wish to select another water finding paste to use in conjunction with this paste, from our selection HERE

No expiry date, will keep best when stored between 31F and 115F

Tube contents 70 Gram

20 tubes per full box

Vecom Products are generally applied using a Dipping Tape;

... or IP M14 Water Finding Rule;

Commodity Codes
Water Gauging Pastes9026108900

Download Vecom Water Finder Paste MSDS PDFDownload Vecom Water Finder Paste MSDS PDF

Download Vecom Water Finder Paste Brochure PDFDownload Vecom Water Finder Paste Brochure PDF

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