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Watts M200-MECA Float Gauge, 0-2m Adjustable
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Watts M200-MECA Float Gauge for 0-2m Deep Tanks

Features a rotating bezel to adjust from about 0.3m up to 2.0m depth. Nylon cord, with polypropylene float, for use in Diesel, Kerosene, or Water

Fitting thread is 1.5"BSP Male with NBR Sealing Gasket. If you do not already have a suitable thread to mount this to your tank, you can adapt a 2"BSP male (@63mm OD) vent point, or create a mounting point from scratch using the additional fittings below:

Combivent - Sits over a 2"BSP Male Vent thread, or secondary filler point, and terminates in a 1.5"BSP Female thread on the top, the float is then dropped straight through the Combivent, and the gauge display screwed into the top, the Combivent is secured to the Vent thread by a small screw. Combivent allows the mounting point to vent normally

Combivent with 2"BSP Polypropylene Nipple and Backnut - If you have no provision at all for a Float Gauge, then this kit includes everything you would need to create a Vented Mounting Point from scratch. All you would need is a 64mm Hole Saw (A common size available in cheap hole saw kits) to saw a hole through the plastic tank surface, and a manhole within reach of the gauge, to put your arm through to thread the nut onto the underside of the Nipple

Download Watts M200 MECA Instructions PDFDownload Watts M200 MECA Instructions PDF

Download Watts M200 MECA - Declaration Of Conformity PDFDownload Watts M200 MECA - Declaration Of Conformity PDF

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